‘A Tenacious Trent’s Wedding’ by Jane Charles

attw jcSTORY: Dearest Reader,

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Jonathan Bridges and Miss Genviève Mirabelle. The marriage is to take place at the Church of St. George, Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, on May 1, 1815 at two in the afternoon. I am fully aware that this is not a proper or appropriate time for a wedding. However, the church has been quite busy of late, sometimes with two and three weddings scheduled a day, and neither the bride nor groom were willing to wait weeks just so they can be married before noon. Thus, they have expedited matters and obtained a Special License. This was mainly due to Mr. Bridges not willing to wait longer than necessary to make Miss Mirabelle his bride.

A wedding breakfast shall follow at the home of Lord and Lady Bentley, and a ball will be held that evening. I do hope you’ll join us for this most celebrated event. Besides the Trents, friends and acquaintances you might be familiar with will also be in attendance, but I don’t dare give their names away. That would ruin the surprise.

The Right Honorable Countess of Bentley

REVIEW: May 1815

Rose Trent is the Dowager Countess of Bentley and a second wife.  She was married at age 15 to the former Earl of Bentley who was 35 at the time.  The man was mean, cruel, and cold.  So, Rose is happy now that he died when off on a holiday with a friend.

Clayton Trent is the current Earl of Bentley.  He has three brothers Jordan, Matthew, and John.

Today, Genvieve Mirabelle is marrying Mr. Jonathan Bridges and the entire family – both Rose’s children, stepchildren, and grandchildren have all gathered to enjoy the day.

As I am new to Jane Charles, I found myself a bit confused when I first started reading this book.  Once I discovered that it was an concluding story that includes characters from the entire ten Tenacious Trents novels, I found I could relax a bit more and enjoy the story which was very well written.  There is a lot of humor, good-natured teasing by siblings and friends, and well-developed characters.

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‘The Earl Claims a Bride’ by Amelia Grey

tecab agSTORY: Can a hastily arranged match

Harrison Thornwick is the Heirs’ Club’s newest member. His carefree days as a reckless rogue carousing around London are suddenly behind him after the tragic death of his brother leaves him in charge of the family estate. What’s more, the Prince himself has offered to secure his marital prospects. Now Harrison has no choice but to grin and bear his noble fate-and the woman who’s been chosen for him.

Become a love for all time?

Miss Angelina Rule is a spectacular beauty, a dream match for any man. But she is fiercely independent-and full of passion-and is all set to rebel against her royal order of marriage…until she meets the devilishly charming Harrison. With him by her side, Angelina devises a scheme that will teach her meddlesome relatives a lesson, once and for all. But little did she and Harrison expect to fall into a tempestuous attraction-and a powerful desire that neither of them can deny…

REVIEW: Harrison is the fourth son of a Earl.  When he learns that his brother, the Earl of Thornwick, his wife and children have all died from a fever, he is devastated.  Most of Thornwick Manor has been destroyed by fire.  It is unknown whether it was an accident or deliberately set afire thinking it would stop the rampages of the fever.  Now, he is the Earl of Thornwick and he has to rebuild the Manor.

When an emissary of the Prince comes to see him, he is told that the Prince insists that he marry right away and produce an heir.  It appears that Harrison was involved in a duel while in his cups and that is illegal.  So, he has no recourse but to do as the Prince wants.
Miss Angelina Rule loves to paint mostly miniatures.  A beautiful young woman, she paints lovely scenes on fans, snuff boxes and the like.  In addition, she loves dogs and tends to take in strays.  Her life is soon to change though.  Her father has amassed huge debts by gambling foolishly and may soon be in debtor’s prison.  But once again, the Prince steps in and declares that he will pay her father’s debts if Angelina marries Harrison Thornwick.
Angelina has been in love with Captain Maxwell for some years now.  He has fought in the war and she has waited for him to come home.  So when she in introduced to Harrison, her attitude lets him know that she does not want to be his pawn.  Instead, she has a scheme to try and sell some of her paintings in hopes of making enough money to pay off her father’s debts.
When Captain Maxwell returns from war injured and he and Harrison meet up, the struggle begins to see which man will win Angelina’s love.  Will she be successful with her paintings to achieve her goal?
The plot here is a good one, but the characters were a bit too shallow which made me lose interest.
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‘A Duke to Die For’ by Amelia Grey

adtdf egSTORY: What is a roguish young nobleman supposed to do with a shockingly lovely young ward?

The Duke of Blakewell believes he’d better marry her off as soon as possible, before he gives in to temptation himself…

But Henrietta doesn’t want a husband— she wants her independence…

Sure that she carries a curse that killed her previous guardians, Henrietta just wants the duke to sign over her inheritance before something terrible befalls him…

In a moment of passion, they become scandalously entangled, and suddenly the duke must take Henrietta’s curse seriously, and she must take drastic measures to save the one man she could love…

REVIEW: This was a sweet novel of love at first sight. When Henrietta’s parents were killed in carriage accident, she was sent to live with several different guardians in succession as each guardian would die not long after she lived with them. Fearing that she was cursed, she did not want anything to happen to her latest guardian, The Duke of Blakewell to whom she was immediately attracted.

The Duke feels the attraction as well and although he feels she is too young for him, he cannot abide other men showing attention to Henrietta as she has her “Coming Out.”

The sexual friction between Henrietta and the Duke builds until…well…you must read the book and find out what happens. I think you will like the different characters that are woven into the story and, of course, the delicious ending.

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dwd tgDance with Deception

Haunted by his father’s sins, Sebastian Montgomery, ninth Duke of Davenport vows never to fall in love or marry until he encounters Gwendolyn MacAlistair and she consumes his thoughts. Sebastian wants her, and as he learned from his father, what a duke wants, a duke takes.

Gwen’s father has arranged for her to marry a man she despises, the very man who shattered her fragile family. As she struggles with a desperate choice – honor her dying father’s final request or alienate him by choosing her true love – Sebastian is forced to make his own desperate decision: trick Gwen into marriage or lose her forever.

Sebastian and Gwen must confront the consequences of their actions and secrets so scandalous that they threaten to destroy all they hold dear.

In this dangerous dance with deception, who will die for love?

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Tracy GoodwinAUTHOR BIO: I’m a wife and mommy to an exquisite son and daughter. I’m also a mom who writes for a cause. Mine is one of many families touched by Autism which is why all of the proceeds from every book I sell goes to my son’s Autism treatments. I’m also the Author of sweeping Historical Romances. Not surprising since I’ve been creating tales of happily-ever-afters since I was a little girl. As my imagination blossomed at an early age, so did my tales of Historical heroes and heroines living in magnificent estates surrounded by landscapes the vivid colors of Impressionist paintings.

What is more romantic than stories of forbidden love and redemption? What could be more touching than Mr. Darcy declaring his love for Elizabeth, Emma finding love in the familiar visage of Mr. Knightley, or Jane returning home to Mr. Rochester at last? These and so many other epic romances touched my heart and my own characters took root, their stories yearning to be told until one day my husband encouraged me to write the novel in my heart … Dance With Deception. With that, the Scandalous Secrets series began. … [continue reading about the author here].

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‘The Game and the Governess’ by Kate Noble

kn tgatgSTORY: Three friends. One Wager. Winner takes all.

The Earl—‘Lucky Ned’ Ashby. Pompous, preening, certain that he is beloved by everyone.
The Miller—John Turner. Proud, forced to work as the Earl’s secretary, their relationship growing ever more strained.
The Doctor—Rhys Gray. Practical, peace-loving, but caught in the middle of two warring friends.

Their wager is simple: By trading places with John Turner and convincing someone to fall in love with him, Ned plans to prove it’s him the world adores, not his money. Turner plans to prove him wrong.

But no one planned on Phoebe Baker, the unassuming governess who would fall into their trap, and turn everything on its head…

REVIEW: Lord Edward Granville, the Earl of Ashby, has the nickname of Ned.  After spending some time in the war, he returns to find that he is now the heir to his family fortunes and must settle in and assume his role.  When he realizes that trying to figure out all the different businesses involved, he hires his good friend from the war, John Turner, to act as his secretary and straighten out his finances.  Both are intelligent men but Ned considers himself to always be lucky whether at cards or life in general.  One day, Ned wages his secretary, Turner, that if they trade places on an upcoming trip, Ned will be able to get a woman to fall in love with him even without a title.  He feels his charm is equal to his money.  Having agreed to this, they head off to attend to business where others do not already know them personally.

Used to being treated as an Earl. Ned is taken aback when the home he visits treats him as the secretary.  However, he has agreed to the wager and he accepts his role.  When he meets the family’s governess, Phoebe, he is quite taken with her and decides to charm and win her love and thus win the wager with Turner.  Of course, things aren’t always that easy as he soon finds out.  We see the big difference in how Ned is treated as a secretary and Turner as the Earl.  Ned continues with his easy-going ways.  But will that be enough for him to not only win the wager but he also the lovely woman with whom he is quickly falling in love?
The humorous plus frightening events that occur in this book make for a good mix to display the different personalities of the well-developed characters.  Kate Noble has woven a story that will grab the reader.  I think you will fall in love with Ned and Phoebe.
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‘Highlander’s Hope’ by Collette Cameron

cc hhSTORY: Not a day has gone by that Ewan McTavish, the Viscount Sethwick, hasn’t dreamed of the beauty he danced with two years ago. He’s determined to win her heart and make her his own.

Heiress Yvette Stapleton is certain of one thing; marriage is risky and, therefore, to be avoided. At first, she doesn’t recognize the dangerously handsome man who rescues her from assailants on London’s docks, but Lord Sethwick’s passionate kisses soon have her reconsidering her cynical views on matrimony.

On a mission to stop a War Office traitor, Ewan draws Yvette into deadly international intrigue. To protect her, he exploits Scottish law, declaring her his lawful wife-without benefit of a ceremony. Yvette is furious upon discovering the irregular marriage is legally binding, though she never said, “I do.” Will Ewan’s manipulation cost him her newfound love?

REVIEW: Even though this is a début novel of Ms. Cameron’s, the story within takes place after her second book of the Blue Rose Trilogy (which by the way all can be read as standalone).

I did love ‘The Viscount’s Vow’ which I thought had a lot of emotional pull, but in this story the author had used her great sense of humor to reintroduce me to the heroine, Yvette and the hero, Ewan. Both were at the wedding of Vengie, Yvette’s cousin, in ‘The Viscount’s Vow’.

Since I read them in order of the events, and not in the order of their publishing dates, I can say that this order worked for me better. The author has a great knack for telling fun stories with some interesting plots and a plethora of secondary characters that will make your blood boil.

I have to say that the heroine took awhile to get used to. I wasn’t her fan at the start of the book, but as the story progressed, I began to understand her more and more, so I found myself liking her more. As for the hero, Ewan will steal your heart from the get-go. He was definitely Alpha all the way! If you like your romance with a dose of spies, humor and lots of adventure, I think you’ll like this story.

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‘The Viscount’s Vow’ by Collette Cameron

TheViscountsVow2_850STORY: Amidst murder and betrayal, destiny and hearts collide when scandal forces a nobleman and a gypsy to marry in this Regency Romance.

Half Romani, half English noblewoman, Evangeline Caruthers is the last woman in England Ian Hamilton, the Viscount Warrick, could ever love—an immoral wanton responsible for his brother’s and father’s deaths. She thinks he’s a foul-tempered blackguard, who after setting out to cause her downfall, finds himself forced to marry her—snared in the trap of his own making.

When Vangie learns the marriage ceremony itself may have been a ruse, she flees to her gypsy relatives, declaring herself divorced from Ian under Romani law. He pursues her to the gypsy encampment, and when the handsome gypsy king offers to take Ian’s place in Vangie’s bed, jealousy stirs hot and dangerous.

At last, under a balmy starlit sky, Ian and Vangie breech the chasm separating them. Peril lurks though. Ian’s the last in his line, and his stepmother intends to dispose of the newlyweds so her daughter can inherit his estate. Only by trusting each other can they overcome scandal and murderous betrayal.

REVIEW: This is my first time reading this author and let me tell you, she is very good.

I loved the character of Ian Hamilton, the Viscount Warrick. What a great hero! He starts off with a vengeance in mind, but as soon as he realizes his folly, he’s more than ready to apologies and set things right for our poor, misguided and beautiful heroine, Evangeline Caruthers.

This was an entertaining and enjoyable read from start to finish because of authors use of a range of emotions, from betrayal to forgiveness to love. Ian and Vangie were so different from one another, yet they were destined to be together. It’s those differences, once explored and accepted that brought these two together.

The story’s fast pace will keep you turning the pages while the sensual scenes of this romance will have you reaching for a fan.
If you’re a fan of ‘The Big Misunderstanding’ tropes, witty dialogue with some intrigue and villains running amok, Collette Cameron’s ‘The Viscount’s Vow’ is it!

Honestly, how can you pass it on, especially now that it’s on sale! 

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