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Kellie & Derek-poetry in motion!

Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars promised to be a bore with some of the celebrities that were slated to appear on it [I'm not going to even name them, sorry], but my all time favorite pro, 'little' man Derek Hough, was still on it, and I only tuned in to watch him and his new partner, Kellie Pickler. From… Continue reading Kellie & Derek-poetry in motion!

Book Review

‘Love’s Promise’ by Cheryl Holt

STORY: With the death of his older brother, Michael Wainwright, Viscount Henley, has become heir to his father, Duke of Clarendon. The Wainwright men are renowned cads, and as his brother’s will is read, it’s discovered that he sired an illegitimate son and has left the eight-year-old boy his entire fortune. Michael decides to bring the… Continue reading ‘Love’s Promise’ by Cheryl Holt

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Spotlight on Anna Cowen and…

UNTAMED! BOOK BLURB: Outspoken and opinionated, Katherine Sutherland is ill at ease amongst the fine ladies of Regency London. She is more familiar with farmers and her blunt opinions and rough manners offend polite society. Yet when she hears the scandalous rumours involving her sister and the seductive Duke of Darlington, the fiercely loyal Katherine vows… Continue reading Spotlight on Anna Cowen and…

Guest Post

Why Soren Kierkegaard is a Romance Junkie by Cecily White

I've been thinking about Soren Kierkegaard. I know, I know... why would anyone waste time thinking about Soren Kierkegaard. Anyway, he's been on my mind, so I'm going to tell you his story. And brace yourself, because it's possibly the worst love story ever. Soren's tale begins with his father, whose wife was dying a… Continue reading Why Soren Kierkegaard is a Romance Junkie by Cecily White

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Spotlight on Karen Erickson and…

Tempting Cameron/LONE PINE LAKE #2 BOOK BLURB: For Cameron McKenzie, Chloe Dawson has always just been his younger sister Jane's best friend—a pesky annoyance who followed him around and acted like he hung the moon. It isn't until Jane's wedding to her firefighter beau Chris that Chloe reappears in his life...and she isn't pesky or annoying… Continue reading Spotlight on Karen Erickson and…