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“Timeless Heart” by Karyn Gerrard

STORY: Sandra Cranston, an elementary teacher on leave, discovers an abandoned carriage deep in the woods. Inside is a man, Jerrod Ross, who fuels all of her wicked Regency dreams and fantasies. Ross has been torn from the only world he has ever known—1821 Cornwall, England. How will he adjust to the future and his… Continue reading “Timeless Heart” by Karyn Gerrard

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“How to Seduce a Scoundrel” by Vicky Dreiling

STORY: Lady Julianne Gatewick is in a pickle. It started when her brother’s best friend—for whom she’s long nursed a secret tendre—agreed to act as her guardian for the Season, only to seduce her with a risqué waltz. But when the music stopped and the expectant ton waited for the Earl of Hawkfield to claim… Continue reading “How to Seduce a Scoundrel” by Vicky Dreiling

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“When Passion Rules” by Johanna Lindsey

STORY: Forced to flee Napoleon's rampaging army on the continent, orphaned Alana Farmer and her eccentric guardian make a new home for themselves in London. There, Alana enjoys every privilege a daughter of the nobility could hope for, plus an education fit for a queen. Now, on the eve of her début into London Society, she… Continue reading “When Passion Rules” by Johanna Lindsey

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The Princess of Montpensier Trailer

It’s 1562, France, Charles IX is the King; time of the wars of religion. Marie de Mézières (Mélanie Thierry), is the heiress to one of the kingdom’s greatest fortunes and loves Duc de Guise (Gaspard Ulliel) and he returns her love…Her father (Philippe Magnan) aims to add to his family’s lands so he forces Marie to marry the Prince… Continue reading The Princess of Montpensier Trailer

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May RRAH reviews (part 2)

It seems that Mother Nature has lost a calendar and can't make up her mind as to what season of the year to gift us with! I had the air on the day before yesterday, last night I was freezing under the covers, so I had heat on and this morning I had to turn on… Continue reading May RRAH reviews (part 2)


South Beach Diet ala Melanie

I've spent most of my life on a diet, and that's not fun at all. You name them, I was on it. The skinniest I've ever been was a decade ago when I worked physically demanding job, and people who haven't seen me in a while used to stare at me and ask what I've… Continue reading South Beach Diet ala Melanie