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‘Taming a Wild Earl’ by Grace Sellers

tawe-gsSTORY: She prefers horses to heirs …

Amelia West, the highly independent daughter of a penniless gentleman, has no use for London society and the superficial cruelty of the marriage market. She prefers to spend her time on the estate of the Earl of Croftridge in rural Yorkshire, where she grew up, and which she’s managed since her father’s death. The current Earl is pursuing a life of dissipation in the city, leaving Amelia free to do as she pleases — and it pleases her greatly to help the less fortunate and rescue neglected animals.

He’s chosen devilry over duty…

Haunted by his brother’s death, John XX does his best to numb the pain with liquor, gaming, and women. He doesn’t deserve to be the Earl, and would rather pretend he isn’t. Until, that is, he learns that his estate manager may be swindling him.

A meeting of the minds …

John can scarcely credit the temerity of the upstart young woman who’s taken over his manor. Amelia wishes the reprobate Earl would go back to London and leave her to her good works. Can they both learn to see past their prejudices for the good of the estate?

REVIEW: This is an impressive debut and within only 150 pages you’ll find a sweet yet complex romance and an intriguing plot.

What made this story fun was is its unconventional thirty year old heroine with spunk and wit. Throughout the story her persona had me in a permanent state of chuckles, and that alone deserves kudos.

The hero was a complete opposite to the heroine and even though they were like water and oil, for some reason their opposites were just a perfect fit.

If you’re looking for a new author that pens well written debut with strong characters and an opposites attract trope, please give this one a try. It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited!

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3 thoughts on “‘Taming a Wild Earl’ by Grace Sellers”

  1. Hey — Thanks for the mention but I did not write this book; I was the editor. Writing credit belongs to Nicole Grasse.

  2. The link lists Laurel Wellman as the author. Can that be changed so her name isn’t linked to the book? It should be listed by Grace Sellers.

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