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Kate and Wills/Royal Brides then and now…

If you haven't heard of the wedding that took place on Friday April 29 at Westminster Abby, then you've lived under a rock. Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchanged and sealed wedding vows with a traditional kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as 2 BILLION people around the world watched. It was really beautiful.… Continue reading Kate and Wills/Royal Brides then and now…

RRAH Book Review

RRAH Review’s April (part 2)

Well, Easter's come and gone, and we're still under clouds here in Chicago Land. Rain's decided to stay, cold's decided not to leave. I hope all you had a great Easter weekend (hopefully off). I'm bringing you a few more books that I've done reading and reviewing for RRAH. First one's an Anthology,  IT HAPPENED ONE… Continue reading RRAH Review’s April (part 2)

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Debut Author Stefanie Sloane

This just isn't fair! Chicago just had snow yesterday, and now we're going through a downpour that will last us TWO days! I also can't believe it's Easter already. It certainly doesn't feel like it. I left the house this morning and it was 35! I'm back to my winter coat and gloves! This sucks!… Continue reading Debut Author Stefanie Sloane