Spotlight on Maureen Driscoll and ‘Always Believe in Love’!

abil mdBOOK BLURB: Nicholas Chilcott is the Earl of Layton, though his biological father was actually the late Earl of Ridgeway. When Nick’s cousin Simon challenges him for the title, Nick must travel to the coastal village of Weymouth to uncover secrets from the past. But, instead, he finds the woman he wants to build his future with.

Kate Winston serves as the church archivist, while trying to evade the unwanted advances of the new vicar. When a handsome earl comes to town on a mission, she cannot resist helping him, though she has no desire to join his world in the ton.

As Nick and Kate work to find answers to the past, they discover a passion that neither can deny.


REVIEW: Ms. Driscoll pens another winner!

Ever since I met Earl of Layton, I itched to know his story and finally I got it. I loved his background story and wondered if he’d finally accept the mantle of all his inherited title brought with it. He really worried me for a bit there, but in the end I was so proud of the things he did and the way he went about solving the mystery portion of this sweet and sensual romance. I liked the way that the author made him strong, yet vulnerable and sensitive at times.

Kate was so sweet, yet witty and strong in her own right.

This is everything I love about a romance! Loved the dialogue! Loved the ending too!

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“Is something amiss, Mr. Chilcott?” she asked.

“Nothing at all.” Other than the mystery of her being betrothed to the vicar. “I was curious about the records that can be found in the archives. I am somewhat of an amateur historian.” As he said the words, he realized how pompous they sounded. He also had a feeling Miss Winston would be able to discern that he was no such thing.

But if she suspected he wasn’t being wholly honest with her, she didn’t show it. “It is mostly an accounting of births, marriages and deaths in the parish for three centuries.”

Damn. That wasn’t going to help at all. “So just the mundane details of daily life.” 24

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he could tell he’d made a mistake. She visibly bristled, resulting in the most alluring shiver rolling through her body. He wondered what it would be like to see her shiver beneath him. It was wholly inappropriate to think of such things with the vicar’s betrothed, of course. But it was entirely wrong that she should be stuck with Bramwell.

“Mr. Chilcott,” she began, with a chill in her voice that surely must match the wind off the sea in winter. “Births, marriages and deaths are not ‘mundane details’ to those who are going about having children, getting married and dying. They are the most important activities of a village, for they represent life in all its forms. The celebrations and days of mourning are what people remember, sir. They bring people together and you should not disparage them.”

“Pray forgive me, Miss Winston. I did not mean to disparage anything.”

She leaned forward with wide eyes and a look of wonder he knew he shouldn’t trust. “Pray forgive me, sir. Perhaps I have misinterpreted the meaning of the word ‘mundane.’ Has a new definition been affixed to it?”

She was much too lively for the vicar. “You are correct, Miss Winston. My choice of words was poor, indeed. I am at a loss as to what I should do now.”

“Perhaps, sir, you should cease talking.”

The sting of her words was lessened considerably as she clapped a hand to her mouth and wrinkled her nose. “Now it is time for me to ask your forgiveness, Mr. Chilcott, for I have been unforgivably rude. One of my biggest faults is allowing my tongue to race ahead of my brain. I fear in this case, the former is halfway to London while the latter is still asleep in bed.”

For one long, pleasurable moment, Nick could only think of Miss Winston’s tongue. He would like to accompany it on any journey it might undertake. Then he thought about what she’d said and laughed aloud. “Miss Winston, anyone as clever as you should never apologize for her wit. Especially since I am the one whose tongue and brain first disassociated with my thoughtless remarks about the village archives. Shall we begin again? I am Nicholas Chilcott.” He bowed to her.

“And I am Miss Kate Winston.” She curtsied.

maureen driscollAUTHOR BIO: Maureen Driscoll is an Emmy-nominated television writer/producer who’d much rather be reading than writing.  She has written 11 Regency romance novels about the Kellington and Emerson families and one stand-alone political satire, DATING GEORGE CLOONEY, which no one ever reads.

She swears a lot.  Probably too much.  Her comedy credits include writing for JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, THE DISH on the Style Network and Nickelodeon’s BRAINSURGE.  She is also an actor.  Which means she’s been rejected more than just about anyone you’ve ever met.  But it’s not the “no” that’s important.  It’s going back for another one the next day.  That’s supposed to be inspirational and not very, very sad.

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‘Always True to Her’ by Maureen Driscoll

atth mdSTORY: Lord James Emerson has returned to England intent on regaining the land that was stolen from him in America. He has come, with his daughter in tow, to confront the family of the man who cheated him out of his life’s savings. But he did not expect to meet the woman who steals his heart.

Miss Irene Wallace is certain her brother could not have acted so dishonorably. Yet it is hard to believe the man who loves his daughter so much is lying. She decides to work with Lord James to resolve the issue in the interest of justice. But instead, she finds herself falling in love with her brother’s enemy.

REVIEW: Ms. Driscoll continues her new Emerson series with book two and James’s story, a brother that decides to come back to England after a tragedy that befalls him in America.

As in book one, there’s so much to like about this story as well, but the best part of it for me, was the relationship James had with his little girl. Just hits you in the feels! I found this story compelling, intriguing and surprisingly easy to read.

It’s also much fun when she has the characters from her pervious books, come in to play in this story.

I find myself admiring the consistency of Ms. Driscoll as she continues to write stories filled with characters of depth and passion. Highly recommending you grab it and enjoy this clever, fun and passionate love story.

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‘Always Have Hope’ by Maureen Driscoll

ahh mdSTORY: From the author of the Kellington series of Regency romances, comes the third book in the Emerson saga.

Lady Winifred Pierce has been wrongly accused of the murder of her abusive husband. Despite the best efforts of her family, someone is set on seeing her hang.

Alexander Lewis is the barrister prosecuting the case. He’s told it will be the easiest win of his career. But something isn’t right. When he objects to the proceedings, he’s told to get a conviction or lose the career he worked so hard to attain.

Can two lonely people find love with each other in such desperate circumstances? (Well, yes, it’s a romance novel.)

REVIEW: As most of you know, I am a huge fan of this author and both of her series, Kellington’s and Emerson’s. But if I was hard pressed to choose a favorite book from all of them?! This one would be right at the top. The reason for it is Ms. Driscoll’s characterization of Win, the heroine. My heart went out to this wonderful woman who had to go through hell before she found piece and happiness in Alex’s arms. Her story is touching and heartbreaking, so when she triumphs, my heart just sang!

And then we have Alex. What a wonderful hero he made! He was a perfect man for our heroine. She sure needed someone who would do anything to protect her, no matter the consequences to himself.

Listen, if you like your romances to feature a bit of mystery and intrigue this one is a must.

By the way, if you’ve read the other series, you’ll love the appearance of the Killington’s!

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‘Love by the Book’ by Cara Lynn James

lbtb cljSTORY: A sweeping love story set in a lavish seaside mansion in 1901 Rhode Island.

Melinda Hollister is a society lady, intent on finding a rich husband before her peers discover her quickly diminishing wealth. Nick Bryson is all business, focused on making a name for himself in his father’s teamship line. Despite the marriage of their siblings, they rarely gave each other a second glance–until a tragic accident results in Melinda and Nick being appointed as co-guardians of their three-year-old niece Nell.

In order to get better acquainted with Nell and one another, Melinda and Nick agree to spend the summer in their own private quarters of the Bryson family vacation home, Summerhill. As their love for Nell grows, so does their attraction to each other. And for the first time in their lives, they sense that God has a bigger plan in motion.

Yet old habits die-hard and Melinda and Nick each find it difficult to resist the pull of their former worlds.

When the unthinkable happens, they find themselves faced with seemingly impossible choices and a new understanding of God’s true love.

REVIEW: I truly enjoyed the plot of “Love by the Book.” There was love, intrigue and sadness all mixed together with a sprinkling of Christian input. I have not read the first two novels in The Ladies of the Summerhill trilogy, however I certainly do plan to remedy that situation quickly.

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‘When You Wish Upon a Duke’ by Isabella Bradford

wywuad ibSTORY:Raised in the Dorset countryside, Lady Charlotte Wylder doesn’t care one bit about well-bred decorum. The dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty would rather ride a horse than attend a stuffy ball. So when Charlotte learns that she is to leave immediately for London to wed the Duke of Marchbourne, a perfect model of aristocratic propriety, she is less than enchanted with her arranged marriage.

But to her delight, their first encounters are brazenly flirtatious, and their wedding night burns with passion. March’s broad shoulders and dark countenance make Charlotte want to rip every button off his waistcoast. She may even be falling in love with her new husband. Yet whenever their desire boils over, March reluctantly pushes Charlotte away. Will past secrets and present misunderstandings mire their marriage in scandal, or serve to strengthen a bond that is destined to last a lifetime?

REVIEW: This is my first time reading this author and try as I might, I just couldn’t get into this story. I felt that the story was too rushed and moved too fast with hardly any buildup to the romance.

I also thought the humor in it a bit forced, therefore not too funny, and in the end I couldn’t make up my mind if this story was trying for a comedy or a tragedy.

I will give the second book a try, but if I don’t like that one, I’ll probably not read the third book.

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‘When the Duchess Said Yes’ by Isabella Bradford

wtdsy ibSTORY: Notorious for her free-spirited antics, Lady Elizabeth Wylder revels in attention—but not the sort that leaves her humiliated when her future husband, the Duke of Hawkesworth, fails to appear for their much-anticipated first introduction.

So when a chance encounter leads to a sizzling kiss with a dangerously handsome stranger, she nearly succumbs. The shock of finally meeting her betrothed only to come face to face with her rakish would-be seducer inspires fury—and fans the flames of a fire that both Lizzie and the Duke acknowledge is a most agreeable way to start a marriage. In her husband’s arms, Lizzie knows she has found love. But is the passion that accompanies endless nights of erotic discovery enough to persuade a duke whose scandalous lineage and lifestyle prevent him from giving his heart completely?

REVIEW: This is the second book in Isabelle Bradford’s Wylder Sisters series and I was torn about it. While I liked some aspects of the story, especially the trope of “childhood betrothal”, I had a very hard time connecting to the main characters. I found them both immature and childish, therefore I stopped caring for them half way through their story.

After I read the first book in this series, and not wholly happy with that story, I thought to give this author another try and again, while some parts were humorous, others were tedious.

That said, you may like it! This is one of those books that you either like or just don’t care for.

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‘A Gentleman’s Game’ by Theresa Romain

agg trSTORY: Suave Nathaniel Chandler can just as easily talk himself into a willing lady’s embrace as he can broker a business deal. But no amount of charm is sufficient to cloak a chilling, recent discovery: every one of his award-winning racehorses has suddenly and mysteriously fallen ill.

Determined to discover the source of the problem, Nathaniel searches for all possible explanations. His suspicions fall on the alluring Rosalind Agate, his father’s new secretary. But for the sake of both their livelihoods – and his recent attraction – Nathaniel sets aside his suspicions. Instead, he decides to use Rosalind’s wit and her wiles as key components of his investigative team.

As the upcoming race draws near, Nathaniel and Rosalind must use every trick up their sleeves to not only catch the culprit, but also satisfy the desire that burns between them…

REVIEW: Newmarket England – 1818

Nathaniel Chandler travels all over England buying and selling horses for his father’s business. Baron Sir William Chandler, a widower, is confined to a wheelchair as the result of a palsy he developed. Nathaniel and his father are not on the best of terms with each other. Some years ago after the death of his mother, Sir William’s grief expressed itself as coldness to his son, making Nathaniel turn to drink and now he is still working to regain his father’s trust. But the man’s continued coldness to him hurts him deeply.

Nathaniel returns from his latest trip to find that several of their horses have the colic. At the same time, he meets his father’s new secretary, Rosalind Agate, who is also very good with horses. They both work together to help treat and calm the ailing horses.

When more horses come down with the colic, everyone suspects that someone is behind it trying to harm their prize horses.

As Nathaniel and Rosalind get to know one another better, an attraction begin. However, Rosalind is hiding some secrets.

I have always loved Theresa Romain’s books but I must say that the way facts were brought out piecemeal in the story made it a bit confusing and frustrating to follow. Had I known more of what was going on in the beginning of the book, I think it would have intrigued me more.

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