Book Review

“A Talent for Sin” by Lavinia Kent

Even though I bought this book as soon as it came out, I was for some reason very reluctant to read it, so I waited for the second one in the Series to come out to read them both at the same time. Then the second one came out, and I still could not get… Continue reading “A Talent for Sin” by Lavinia Kent

Book Review, Series Review

“Notorious Bachelours” by Emma Wildes

 I thought it would be interesting to review this series as a whole, rather than each book. Ms. Wildes has done a wonderful job of bringing us a story of three best friends, Lord Alexander St. James in “My Lord Scandal”, Luke Daudet, Viscount Altea in “Our Wicked Mistake” and Michael Hepburn, Marquess of Longhaven in “His Sinful… Continue reading “Notorious Bachelours” by Emma Wildes


Remembering my Serbian Christmas Tradition

Every year at this time I’m reminded of how we used to celebrate Christmas in the “Old Country”.  I grew up as a Serbian Orthodox, so Christmas for us comes two weeks later than that of Roman Catholics on December 25th. Serbian Orthodox Christmas is always on January 7th. This is because the Serbs follow… Continue reading Remembering my Serbian Christmas Tradition


Just thinking……

I'm looking forward to my Christmas shopping. I'm not one of these people that buy Christmas gifts in July. I need snow and Christmas music to get me in the mood for it. As soon as November hits, my radio dial goes straight to 93.1! I'm sure my co-workers hate my guts! My computer's blasting Dean Martin with "Baby… Continue reading Just thinking……