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‘Texas Legacy’ by Lorraine Heath

STORY: For as long as he can remember, Rawley Cooper has loved Faith Leigh. But the cruelty of his childhood haunts him and he knows he’s undeserving of Faith. When she comes to him on the night of her nineteenth birthday, they both give into temptation. But the searing kiss reaffirms what he’s always known:… Continue reading ‘Texas Legacy’ by Lorraine Heath

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‘The Gunslinger’ by Lorraine Heath

STORY: Chance Wilder never wanted to be a hero. A road-weary gunslinger with a ruthless reputation, he focuses only on his next target—and his next payday. That is, until a young boy offers Chance everything he owns—a piece of string, a harmonica, and a bent penny—if he'll save his sister from a couple of thugs.… Continue reading ‘The Gunslinger’ by Lorraine Heath

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‘Hearts Ablaze’ Anthology

BOOK BLURB: Eight bestselling authors. Eight sizzling tales from the Old West to set your heart ablaze… In Whispered Love, bestselling author Kathleen Ball takes you to the wild Pacific Northwest, a land bristling with handsome, well-muscled lumberjacks. Foreman Samuel Pearse has only one rule; no women allowed. Until he finds one asleep in his bathtub—Pat Clarke, the… Continue reading ‘Hearts Ablaze’ Anthology

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Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Love’s Sweet Revenge’!

BOOK BLURB: Their Passion Shaped a Nation Over the years, Jake and Miranda Harkner have endured all the dangers a wild and brutal West could throw at them. Now, settled on their ranch in the beautiful Colorado hill country, they’ve finally found peace. But for a man like Jake Harkner, danger is always lurking, and… Continue reading Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Love’s Sweet Revenge’!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dearest Bookworms, Happy Valentine's Day! Connie and I hope your day is filled with happiness and love. With or without that "special someone", we hope your day is happy. Sometimes all I need is that special book to fill my heart. Here are three full length novels that will bring you hours of fun. Homespun Hearts,… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Thunder on the Plains’!

BOOK BLURB: In a land of opportunity Sunny Landers wants a big life—as big and free as the untamed land that stretches before her. Land she will help her father conquer to achieve his dream of a transcontinental railroad. She won't let a cold, creaky wagon, murderous bandits or stampeding buffalo stand in her way.… Continue reading Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Thunder on the Plains’!

Book Review

‘Thunder on the Plains’ by Rosanne Bittner

STORY: The sound of two hearts beating, joined by a love made stronger by struggle, can be as loud as ... Thunder on the plains Lovely young heiress Sunny Landers was utterly devoted to her father's great dream --- a transcontinental railroad that would run from Chicago across the Great Plains to the Pacific. Accompanying Bo… Continue reading ‘Thunder on the Plains’ by Rosanne Bittner