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Unlikely Partners In Crime By Amanda Berry

I’m so happy to be posting to bookworm2bookworm, even though I was a bit concerned because I don’t write Historical Romance. I love reading Historical Romance though. From Dukes to Scottish Lords, I can’t get enough. I don’t think I have the patience to do the research for a historical, but I love reading them.… Continue reading Unlikely Partners In Crime By Amanda Berry

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GH’s Robert Kelker Kelly Surprise!

Well color me surprised times a thousand! Have you seen this coming GH fans?! I sure didn't, and that might just be that it's because I stopped watching GH some ...oh, I don't know...three or so years ago, around the time when Emily died. "General Hospital" was celebrating its 50th Anniversary and I thought to 'tune in'… Continue reading GH’s Robert Kelker Kelly Surprise!