Book Review

‘Trusting Miss Trentham’ by Emily Larkin

tmt-elSTORY: She’s more than just an heiress…

Letitia Trentham is noteworthy for three reasons. One, she’s extremely wealthy. Two, she can distinguish truth from lies. Three, she’s refused every man who’s ever proposed to her.

Until Letty receives a proposal she can’t turn down.

Icarus Reid barely survived the Battle of Vimeiro. He lives for one thing—to find the man who betrayed him to the French. He doesn’t want to marry Miss Trentham; he wants to use her talent for uncovering lies.

Suddenly, Letty finds herself breaking the rules, pretending to be someone she’s not, and doing things a lady would never do. But her hunt for the truth may uncover more than one secret—including the secret that haunts Icarus day and night. The secret he intends to take to his grave…

REVIEW: London – 1808

Miss Letitia (Letty) Trentham, age 27, is England’s most wealthy heiress and yet unwed even after countless proposals.

Laurence Darlington is at the Hammond Ball with Letty and when he suggests they visit the conservatory, Letty knows this is a ploy for yet another proposal. Letty knows all about him and he is shocked when she tells him she knows he is nearly bankrupt. Angry when she calls him out on the truth, he stalks away. Yet Letty can’t help but feel sad because all the proposals she receives seem to be for her money and not for love. All she wants is for someone to love her for herself.

A Mr. Icarus Reid, the fifth and youngest son of Sir Hector Reid of Yorkshire, introduces himself and asks to speak to her. Noticing that he appears to be thin, gaunt and unwell, she encourages him to sit down. He tells her that he has heard of her and her talent to always be able to tell if someone is lying so he wants to enlist her help.

It appears that when he was fighting the war, one of two of his men was responsible for passing information to the French and he wants her to accompany him while he questions these men and let her decide which one is lying. At first, Letty is hesitant to help him, but when he confesses to her that he is dying, she agrees to help him.

One man Icarus suspects is Reginald Grantham who happens to be a suitor of Letty’s. The other man is George Dunlop, a debtor in prison.

Letty and Icarus meet in the park the next day and sure enough, Grantham comes by and they all chat. When Icarus asks him if he was the one who passed the information, he denies it.

Then, Letty and Icarus go to the prison to question Dunlop. While the inside of the prison is distasteful to her, she realizes that she truly wants to continue to help Icarus in this adventure. So, she leaves her maid behind and they travel as Mr. and Mrs. Reid.

The first part of this story kept my interest but at this point it lost me. Weak men who can’t seem to get a handle on life are just a total turnoff to me. I think Letty’s attraction to Icarus was that she felt she could help and “save” him. Sorry, but this book just did not appeal to me. As Emily Larkin is a new to me author, I do want to try reading more of her books.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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