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Outlander – Untimely Ressurection [Ep. 205]

jamie hoor scene

Have you held your breath during this episode?! I did, and not only once!


While all the internets and comments are abuzz with #BlackJackIsBack hash tag, and admittedly the scene in which Jamie comes face to face, for the first time after his assault, with his tormentor was riveting, I thought the scene in which his heart brakes one more time as he tells Claire “Jesus. God, Claire. You’d stop me taking vengeance on the man that made me play his hoor . . .  A man that lived in my nightmares and in our bed, who almost drove me to take my own life?” was the best of the night.


And once more Sam Heughan’s amazing talent is overlooked and glossed over, mentioned only a handful of times. Oh, and please don’t tell me it’s all in my head. It’s not. I understand the interest in  BJR, his character and Tobias Menzies’s great portrayal of it. I really do. It has been established, talked about and given due accolades. And while we don’t have to move on and ignore his talent, it’s time to give Sam [Jamie] his due praise and concentrate on his character if not more, at least equal time.


This scene was heart wrenching for me, and Jamie’s heart broke once more as he selflessly, albeit hurtfully, gave in to Claire’s demand and as a man of honor, gave his oath to not kill his tormentor.


Stop and think about it. This is a man that went through Hell and back, still hurting, still putting pieces of himself and his life back together and one thing that could help him the most, taking revenge on a man that had caused him so much pain, has now being denied to him. And when he angrily tells her “I can stand a lot more than most. I’ve proven as much! But must I bear everyone’s weakness, may I not have my own?” I just went to pieces… How in Hell can she ask this of him? Hasn’t he been through enough already?


And on top to bring in how many times she’d saved his life! No wonder he was offering her his blade to run him through! May as well! As I watched them both stand their ground, I knew he’d do what she asked because he is a man of honor, and honor is something no one had been able to take away from him, so he gives her his word. But man did it hurt! It hurt him so much that he refused her touch! The feeling of hurt, betrayal and utter devastation was all conveyed with a look and eyes filled with tears, but never shed.


The scene was sublime! Perfect! Both actors have once more proven their gravitas and it was painful to watch the chasm widening between the characters.


I’m honestly baffled by all the recaps and reviews of this episode and wondering why are only a handful of them mentioning and praising this scene. How can this scene be so overlooked?! Riddle me that, Batman!


And while I enjoyed this episode fully and loved the scene in which Jamie gives Claire a christening gift, and Claire’s fears about her impending motherhood, I once more thought that Jamie’s assurance was so sweet and straight from the heart.


“What you don’t ken, you’ll learn – we’ll learn together.” And when he says “learn”, the accent is to die for! Melting! And just to make me boil, both say I love you!


I am choosing not to talk about the scene in which BJR slow-mo’s in because enough has been said of it, but I will say that Jamie walking behind him was actually a pleasure to see. The look BJR had was almost of horror because he did not expect to see Jamie so well recovered, especially because now he looked weaker than Jamie did last time they were together.


A lot more happened in this episode.


The Prince forces Jamie into a partnership with St. Germain; Murtagh is feeling guilty over the attack on Mary and Claire, so he swears vengeance on the bad guys; Claire visits Mary, who reveals that she is in love with Alex and plans on marriage with him; Alex giving in to Claire’s suggestion to let Mary go for Mary’s sake and all this is propelling the story forward and to a conclusion we’ve already seen in the first episode of the season.


I can’t end this post without mentioning the scene from the very start of the episode in which Claire is awaiting Jamie’s return from the Bastille, sleepy eyed she sits on a setae with Fergus all curled up, sleeping.

Jamie walks in and sees them both, extends his hand to Claire and lovingly looks upon his “servant” who had been guarding his Mistress well. Picking him up to take him to his bed, he offers his lips to his wife … SWOON!

I’ll end this post with a thought on time travel and this “Frank must be born” situation.

Claire in this episode does not come off very honorable while she’s playing God with everyone’s life, yet I do understand her motivation. I don’t blame her. She’s doing her best to figure out this whole time travel situation and she’s having a lot of doubts but for Pete’s sake, why oh why couldn’t she have sat down and talked it all over with Jamie?!

What difference does it make if Alex fathers Mary’s baby and becomes Frank’s ancestor? Claire had created a ripple in time by just being there with Mary at the time of Mary’s attack. She had changed Mary’s future already, so why not do it all the way and not bless the union Mary and Alex wanted? Why on God’s green earth would you even consider even for a second handing over an innocent child into BJR’s evil hands?! F*ck the family tree!

Melanie for b2b


19 thoughts on “Outlander – Untimely Ressurection [Ep. 205]”

  1. So glad to read your blog. For the past year I have thought I was alone in thinking that Sam Heughan gets lost in the Outlander shuffle when, in fact, he most likely is the main draw!

    1. I agree with you, but must say that I in no way blame the show runner or the other actors for this. I just think that the blogs are all buzzing about BJR and how TM is incredibly talented [which no doubt he is!] in his portrayal. I’m not trying to diminish or dispute this fact.
      What I am saying is that even though Sam/Jamie gets the majority of the screen time, he somehow is still a character in development, while BJR has been already developed LAST YEAR!

      Am I dreaming this?! Am I delusional?! I don’t think so.


  2. I have said from the beginning of this series that Jamie was the more complicated and interesting of the two characters. BJR/Frank is a flat character, there is, he only shows 2 sides of the same emotion..evil. Jamie on the hand,shows a varied array of emotions from love to hate, confusion,happy and even danger He is like an onion that is revealed layer by layer Tobias is a fan actor but I do not put him on the level as Sam. Sam is fantastic!

    1. LOL!
      I don’t think BJR or Frank are 2 dimensional, but I do think that those two characters have been well established and well developed while Jamie is still developing, despite the majority of the screen time allotted him. How is that possible? I’m not sure ….


      1. BJR isn’t going to be around forever. Neither will Frank be. Sam as Jamie has lots more time to develop, and everyone who has ever read the books knows, he does. I sometimes think those who have read all the books forget exactly how much Jamie developed as a man and as a character from Voyager on. I counsel patience!

      2. LOL! You would think, right?
        But the creators know that “conflict” sells and they’ll keep BJR and Frank for as long as they wish.


      3. I think I have more trust in the producers and Diana not keeping them around past their time of death! Now, keeping Murtagh around by using his character instead of Duncan Innes is a change I’d be behind…

  3. I understand where you are coming from, and while I think Sam is good I do wonder why people don’t get upset when Caitriona is overlookef. For me she is the reason I love the show and she is outstanding, so where is the outcry for her?

    1. I think you and I have already discussed this on FB, but maybe I could elaborate a bit here.
      My post is mostly for this episode and my take on it as I’ve read most of the recaps and reviews. In most of them, NOT ALL mind you, the bloggers are all abuzz about BJR and his return. It was all how well the scene was done, how TM is amazing, and so on. I can’t say I disagree with those bloggers because I don’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the “reunion” and it was magnificently done.
      Both Cait and Tobias brought it, as they always do when they’re sharing the screen. However, it’s my opinion and my perspective ONLY that I can bring to the table here, I thought that the scenes with Cait and Sam throughout this episode were far superior to the “reunion” scene.
      As for the outcry, that would be a totally different subject and if you feel strongly that she isn’t getting enough exposure or screen time or really anything to do with Cait/Claire, I would gladly publish a post by you. Seriously. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get in touch with you.


  4. I agree with most of your points. However, as far as Claire knows, if BJR dies before the time noted in the family tree she saw with Frank, Frank would not be born at all. Sadist BJR may be, but he wasn’t going to live for very long to terrorize Mary–and I honestly don’t believe he would have treated his wife as badly as he does everyone else. We see that because he does believe in family. He was there to help his brother. I’m not saying he would be great husband material! But to carry on the family line? Yeah, I don’t think it’s a given he’d treat Mary badly.

    In the book, Claire was constantly looking at her hand to see if Frank’s wedding ring had disappeared, since she felt as long as it was there, she had done nothing to endanger him. She has no idea of any alternative parenting possibilities. Alex is a VERY sick man, as is clear to Claire from the first moment she sees him. Claire did say she’d help Jamie kill BJR once enough time had passed for him to have fathered the son who became Frank’s direct ancestor. Of course Jamie is upset about the delay. Sam played that brilliantly. But so did Cait play Claire’s anguish, knowing how badly she was hurting Jamie and being stuck between both of her husbands.

    I agree with Karen about Cait also being overlooked in too many reviews. Jamie is a wonderful, complex character, but as of now, this is still primarily Claire’s story. Without Cait’s wonderful portrayal, I don’t think it would matter how good Sam and Tobias were in their roles. Claire is the linchpin. The look in her eyes as the distance grew in the room between the couple was just as worthy of comment.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and enlightening comment. I’m leaning on partially agreeing with you in all the points you brought up.
      In the books, this plot happens a bit different and it makes more sense to the reader for Claire to support the marriage between BJR and Mary.
      In the show, for a dramatic effect [which in my opinion wasn’t necessary at all] they place Claire’s character in such a position that a viewer can not condone her actions. She is playing God with every life on this chess board.
      Alex. Mary, BJR, Jamie, Frank and even her own. No wonder non book readers are calling her names! It’s not warrantied but she has behaved badly in this episode. I have no doubt she’ll redeem herself, but right now, I’m with Jamie, DO NOT TOUCH ME!

      As for Cait being overlooked, I happen to disagree with that, however you and Karen are welcome to do a post about your opinion on that. I’ll be glad to post it here.

      We can disagree and not be disagreeable, right?



  5. I am so glad to read a review where Sam’s acting was in the forefront! He does bring all the feels as Jamie: Anger, happiness, empathy, frustration… Tobias is great, but Sam does so much more with his character. As for Cait, I am always mesmerized by her acting. She can convey so much with her eyes and that chin! As for all of the Claire hate in the fandom after this episode I understood where she was coming from, but God!, it hurt Jamie so much and I don’t think she even realized it until he told her not to touch him (sniff, sniff!) Thank you for such a great recap!

    1. I’m so glad you agree. After I’ve read all the recaps and rave reviews about this episode, I thought … WTF? Where’s all the scenes that Jamie and Clare were in?!

      So I felt strongly to point them out 🙂

      I adore all the cast, but Cait and Sam, alone or together on the screen, are just sublime! PERIOD.


  6. You are spot on!! When is Sam going to get the recognition he so justly deserves ?? Sometimes I think critics don’t want to take a beautiful person seriously! One only needs to look at Ep 15&16 from Season to see how brilliant Sam is. So I thank you for expressing my thoughts so well!!

  7. Appreciate and agree with ur call for the kudos that Sam Heughan deserves. Sam Heughan, as Jamie Fraser, portrays an epic character that never disappoints. He brings so much to his performances. Jamie Fraser is a fully-formed, endearing, man for all ages and Sam Heughan is spot on as JAMMF. I take nothing away from the other players – they are all better-than-good BUT Sam Heughan IS Outlander for me.

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