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Gareth by Grace Burrowes

Well, I can’t just share ONE Grace Burrowes review, so here is another! Hope you give these a try!



Reviewed by Blue

4.5 Stars

Gareth Alexander, is the unwilling Marquess of Heathgate, due to a tragic accident years ago that took the lives of the current Marquess, his father, older brother, uncle, and cousin, who were all in line to inherit the title before he was.  Although the boating incident was ruled an accident, people of the ton speculated that he had a hand in it, in order to inherit.  While dealing with his grief, he also had to suffer people suspecting him of murder.  So, his defense was building a wall around himself and not caring.  He threw himself into making his lands profitable, and becoming a rake.  He had no intentions of marrying, and didn’t associate with “decent” women.

Felicity Worthington is the daughter of a Viscount, who died without providing for her or her sister.  They are living a meager existence, when Felicity receives word of…

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