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‘Texas Splendor’ by Lorraine Heath

STORY: A man on a mission... After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man. He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart. But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married, he becomes more determined to clear his name of… Continue reading ‘Texas Splendor’ by Lorraine Heath

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‘Seducing Susannah: The Bride Train’ by E.E. Burke

STORY: When all else fails, try seduction. Ross Hardt needs to marry a proper lady in order to reclaim his inheritance. Among the few prospects in town is a smart, sassy widow who has tantalized him from the day they met--the same day she slapped his face. Susannah Braddock journeys west on The Bride Train… Continue reading ‘Seducing Susannah: The Bride Train’ by E.E. Burke

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‘Blackthorne’s Bride’ by Joan Johnston

STORY: Two years have passed since Josie Wentworth was bought from the Sioux for a gold watch and whisked back to England by Marcus Wharton, the Duke of Blackthorne. When Marcus breaks his promise to return Josie to America, she ends up as a maid in the home of his charming but neglected nephews. Once… Continue reading ‘Blackthorne’s Bride’ by Joan Johnston

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‘The Gunslinger’ by Lorraine Heath

STORY: Chance Wilder never wanted to be a hero. A road-weary gunslinger with a ruthless reputation, he focuses only on his next target—and his next payday. That is, until a young boy offers Chance everything he owns—a piece of string, a harmonica, and a bent penny—if he'll save his sister from a couple of thugs.… Continue reading ‘The Gunslinger’ by Lorraine Heath

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‘Hearts Ablaze’ Anthology

BOOK BLURB: Eight bestselling authors. Eight sizzling tales from the Old West to set your heart ablaze… In Whispered Love, bestselling author Kathleen Ball takes you to the wild Pacific Northwest, a land bristling with handsome, well-muscled lumberjacks. Foreman Samuel Pearse has only one rule; no women allowed. Until he finds one asleep in his bathtub—Pat Clarke, the… Continue reading ‘Hearts Ablaze’ Anthology

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Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Love’s Sweet Revenge’!

BOOK BLURB: Their Passion Shaped a Nation Over the years, Jake and Miranda Harkner have endured all the dangers a wild and brutal West could throw at them. Now, settled on their ranch in the beautiful Colorado hill country, they’ve finally found peace. But for a man like Jake Harkner, danger is always lurking, and… Continue reading Spotlight on Rosanne Bittner and ‘Love’s Sweet Revenge’!

Book Review

‘Whispers on the Wind’ by Caroline Fyffe

STORY: Wyoming Territory, October 1883 Tabitha Canterbury came to Logan Meadows with one goal: to open the bookshop she’s always dreamed of having. In a town full of illiterate cowboys, though, making the Storybook Lodge a success is easier said than done. And things get more complicated when the saloon next door gets a new… Continue reading ‘Whispers on the Wind’ by Caroline Fyffe

Book Review

‘West Winds of Wyoming’ by Caroline Fyffe

STORY: When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch, no one knows he’s secretly trying to outrun trouble—and he intends to keep it that way. He wants to start over fresh in the small town of Logan Meadows, where his blind daughter can grow up safe…and where danger can’t find… Continue reading ‘West Winds of Wyoming’ by Caroline Fyffe

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dearest Bookworms, Happy Valentine's Day! Connie and I hope your day is filled with happiness and love. With or without that "special someone", we hope your day is happy. Sometimes all I need is that special book to fill my heart. Here are three full length novels that will bring you hours of fun. Homespun Hearts,… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

Book Review

‘Her Bodyguard’ by E. E. Burke

STORY: For America “Amy” Langford, investing in the Border Tier Railroad isn’t about chasing riches. The savvy businesswoman is after bigger stakes: influence, respect, success her father didn’t live to see. Rioting settlers and underhanded competitors can’t stop her, but a killer might. When a stranger comes to her rescue, she trusts her instincts and hires… Continue reading ‘Her Bodyguard’ by E. E. Burke