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Spotlight on Meredith Duran and ‘A Lady’s Code of Misconduct’!

BOOK BLURB: A Deal With the Devil... Trapped in the countryside, facing an unwanted marriage and the theft of her fortune, Jane Mason is done behaving nicely. To win her freedom, she’ll strike a deal with the most dangerous man she knows—a rising star in politics, whose dark good looks mask an even darker heart. ...Never… Continue reading Spotlight on Meredith Duran and ‘A Lady’s Code of Misconduct’!

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‘Your Wicked Heart’ by Meredith Duran

STORY: Amanda Thomas is stranded a thousand miles from home. Jilted by a viscount and abandoned without a penny, she'll do whatever it takes to secure a berth on an England-bound ship. But when the anchor lifts, she's not the only impostor on board—for the stranger in her bed claims to be the real viscount.… Continue reading ‘Your Wicked Heart’ by Meredith Duran

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Spotlight on Lecia Cornwall and …

Once Upon a Highland Season Series! 'Once Upon a Highland Summer' BOOK BLURB: An ancient curse, a pair of meddlesome ghosts, a girl on the run, and a fateful misunderstanding make for the perfect chance at true love. Lady Caroline Forrester is on the run from her brother's scheme to marry her off to the highest… Continue reading Spotlight on Lecia Cornwall and …

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‘The Governess Was Wanton’ by Julia Kelly

STORY: Follow three best friends who navigate love and independence as governesses in Regency England in this delightfully charming installment in the Governesses series. Mary Woodward, a young veteran governess, has one job: guiding a young debutante through her first season in high society. And up until now, keeping her focus and avoiding temptation has… Continue reading ‘The Governess Was Wanton’ by Julia Kelly

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‘A Common Scandal’ by Amanda Weaver

STORY: Finishing school taught Amelia Wheeler how to put on a well-mannered performance—when she’s not bored and looking for trouble. Lady Grantham’s is behind her and now it's time for Amelia to keep her promise to her dying mother: marry a title and leave her wild days behind. That promise would be much easier to… Continue reading ‘A Common Scandal’ by Amanda Weaver

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‘A Lady in the Smoke’ by Karen Odden

STORY: Following a humiliating fourth Season in London, Lady Elizabeth Fraser is on her way back to her ancestral country estate when her train careens off the rails and bursts into flames. Though she is injured, she manages to drag herself and her unconscious mother out of the wreckage, and amid the chaos that ensues,… Continue reading ‘A Lady in the Smoke’ by Karen Odden

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‘How to Please a Lady’ by Jane Goodger

STORY: Run though they might, love will find them… Lady Rose Dunford is shocked--and titillated--by the number of female visitors coming and going from her mysterious new neighbor's Manhattan brownstone. Recently widowed by the death of her very sweet, but not very exciting husband, Rose finds it difficult to imagine just what the attraction could… Continue reading ‘How to Please a Lady’ by Jane Goodger