Book Review

‘Captain Durant’s Countess’ by Maggie Robinson

STORY: Tucked amid the pages of The London List, a newspaper that touts the city’s scandals, is a vaguely-worded ad for an intriguing job—one that requires a most wickedly uncommon candidate… Maris has always been grateful that her marriage to the aging Earl of Kelby saved her from spinsterhood. Though their union has been more… Continue reading ‘Captain Durant’s Countess’ by Maggie Robinson

Book Review

‘Schooling the Viscount’ by Maggie Robinson

STORY: Captain Lord Henry Challoner is a young viscount who’s left his ambition on the plains of South Africa. Wounded in the First Boer War, he’s come home and wishes he were anywhere else, until his desperate father sends him to Puddling-on-the-Wold to rusticate and recalibrate. How can Henry have any fun without any alcohol,… Continue reading ‘Schooling the Viscount’ by Maggie Robinson

Book Review

‘The Reluctant Governess’ by Maggie Robinson

STORY: A secretary for the renowned Evensong Agency, Eliza Lawrence may have a pretty face, but she’s much prouder of her mind and her morals. When she’s pressed into temporary governess duty as a favor to her boss, she doesn’t expect to bend one bit for the rakish Nicholas Raeburn. Not even when he opens the… Continue reading ‘The Reluctant Governess’ by Maggie Robinson