Book Review

‘Tall, Dark, and Royal’ by Vanessa Kelly

STORY: He’s the man behind the mission to track down the illegitimate children of England’s Royal Princes and help them get their due. But his deepest desire is far more personal… Magnificent and stubborn. Fourteen years apart had not changed Chloe Steele, or Dominic’s love for her. He’d been a street urchin, a boy raised at… Continue reading ‘Tall, Dark, and Royal’ by Vanessa Kelly

Book Review

‘Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick’ by Deb Marlowe

STORY: Adopting the guise of a buttoned-up spinster is nothing new for Chloe Hardwick. But under the watchful eye of her unnervingly handsome employer, the Marquess of Marland, for the first time Chloe yearns to be unbuttoned! Yet he sees her only as his assistant, the efficient Hardwick—not as Chloe the woman. Determined to escape Braedon's cold detachment,… Continue reading ‘Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick’ by Deb Marlowe

Book Review

‘Doc Holiday’ by Debra Dixon

STORY: Drew Haywood needs a feminine touch to help give his young son a holiday to remember—and no one does Christmas better than Taylor Bishop. She knows how to transform a house into a home that sparkles. But when Drew lets his guard down, he finds that Taylor has much more to offer. Kissing her is… Continue reading ‘Doc Holiday’ by Debra Dixon