RBW/Romance Biggest Winner, Baby!

Here we go, Bookworms. The day has arrived and I’m ready to tackle those pesky extra ponds that sneaked up on me and refuse to leave me be. NO MORE! They’re well on their way down and I for one will NOT miss them! That’s not to say that I won’t be missing my Tiramisu, bread, potatoes and my recently discovered taste for RICE Sushi! But, hey! No pain, no gain, so I’m willing to sacrifice ANYTHING…well almost anything.

Recently an author I admire greatly (Kieran Kramer, I’m looking at you!) has suggested I visit Ashley March’s website ’cause she’s starting something kind-a-kool called ROMANCE BIGGEST WINNER where she’ll have a certain number of authors and readers/reviewers/bloggers come together and try to lose, read here START to live a healthier life by exercising and dieting together. Well, I was NOT about to pass up this opportunity to connect with like minded women, so I contacted Ashley and VOILA! I was in! Oh, how happy I am to be doing this and how happy I am that this young author had the forethought to offer this to some of us. This should be fun and enlightening, encouraging and eye-opening, but what I most look forward to is the accountability. It’s like ‘coming out of the closet’ sort-a-feeling, for me at least.

My first days weigh in was done and I am at 161.4 lbs and I’m committed to loosing 40 lbs by January 5th 2012. I will exercise 1 hour a day which will include warm-up and stretching for about 10 minutes, then Treadmill walk for 30 minutes (speed at 2.5; 2.8; 3.1) and in between 20 minutes of Pilate’s machine and Aerobic’s from Comcast on Demand. I’ve also started a few weeks ago a South Beach Diet that I’m tailoring to me, and if you’d like to know more about that it’s here.

I’ll keep you informed and updated once a week. Like anything in my life, I know that if I put my mind to this I can do it! I’m truly motivated by this group of women and I must admit, by the prizes they’re offering, but most of all I’m pumped up to start living healthy!

Until next week, wish me luck? Oh, and if you have any advice by all means, spill!


South Beach Diet ala Melanie

I’ve spent most of my life on a diet, and that’s not fun at all. You name them, I was on it. The skinniest I’ve ever been was a decade ago when I worked physically demanding job, and people who haven’t seen me in a while used to stare at me and ask what I’ve done with the other half of myself. Now, mind you, I’m not obese. The heaviest I’ve been is 172 lb’s, but on a 4’11” woman at ANY age, that tends to be cumbersome. On the other hand, my healthiest weight was 115 lb’s and I loved it. Besides feeling beautiful, I felt healthy.

My family, Bless their loving hearts, used to tell me when I was younger, that I’m just ‘big boned’ and that as long as I’m healthy, who cares about the weight. I’ll always be ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ to them. Oh, and have I mentioned I come from the ‘Old Country’ where if you visit family they will nag and nag at you to eat to the point that if you’re not stuffed to the gills, you’ll be insulting them and their culinary skills? Well, that’s my family! So, like a good little girl, I wasn’t going to insult them. Far be it from me to be rude and refuse my Godmothers Baklava, or pass up a Sweet Table at ANY of the Serbian weddings! Oh, those long, long tables full of nothing but ‘bliss’! Our Serbian women sure know how to bake.

Over the years I’ve tried Slim Fast, which gave me gas something fierce; name the pill and I took it, which left me bouncing of the walls; Sensa, now that was interesting, no side effects and I lost 5 lb’s the first week and then even that didn’t work; Jillian Michaels pills saw me in the Emergency room thinking my heart will jump out of my chest. And before you ask, let me tell you, I did try the ‘gym’ thing and had memberships at WWW and couple of others as well, but that just wasn’t for me. Some were too far from home, some time constricted and other sported obnoxious staff so I gave up on those institutions. Here I have to stop and give credit to my DH. This man should be sainted! No joke. Poor thing puts up with too much nonsense from me. No wonder I adore him. Just last month my treadmill broke, and he bought me a new one. I like this one so much better, and I’ve put it to use. This one will NOT be collecting dust, like the one before it. Oh, and he also got me a Pilate machine and I’ll be getting on it soon enough.

The years, some health issues (Lupus) and my current job have slowed me down, and gave me an excuse not to exercise on a regular basis, and that my friends, was not good. I just recently had a physical, and my Doc says I’m out of shape, literally and figuratively. So, last week I’ve decided enough is enough, and with my son’s wedding in August, I ran out of excuses and started to change my eating and exercise habits. I’ve read about South Beach Diet and my Doc highly recommended it, so I’m in my second week and folks…I lost 10 big ones. I feel energetic and rearing to go!

The South Beach Diet has three phases and it teaches you a way of life where you eat the right carbohydrates and fats. My first phase is to last me two weeks and I’ve been eating normal portion sizes, but all carbohydrate are restricted, so I keep myself away from bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. It is a MUST phase in the diet and will last for two weeks only. I am a bread and butter gal and I thought that this part would ‘kill’ me, but surprisingly, I’m not missing it at all. I’m supposed to, and I am, eating a lot of lean meats, like chicken, turkey and fish. I’ve stocked up and have eaten a lot of veggies and I’m snacking on low-fat cheese and almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

What I like best, is no more counting calories, no more weighing food portions, and I don’t feel cheated from eating tasty food! Right now I’m eating three, normal-size meals with two snacks each day. My breakfast is eggs, fake or real, scrambled, omelet or sunny side up with two slices of cheese and one medium-sized tomato. My lunch and dinner are salad or steamed veggies with nice size of meat or tuna. That’s it…oh, and lots and lots of lemon water with one Splenda.

I’m very pumped up and looking forward to my Phase two and Phase three. I’m putting that treadmill through its paces and I’m sweating bullets! The other day I walked almost two hours while watching Tom Cruise in “The Last Samurai”.  By the way, and speaking of, that man is so underrated. I’m not sure why people don’t like him. I think he’s a very good actor. Loved him in “Far and Away”. I’m not so crazy about his “Mission impossible” movies though. Okay, I went of my topic so let me get back to it. Sorry about that…Where was I? Oh, I’m getting a lot of support from my friends at work and my DH, and now I’m asking you all out there who happens to read this to pipe in and let me know of any tips, or helpful advice. I’m going to need a lot of support from my bookworms so tell me your secret, it just might help me too. Don’t tell me you’re perfect?! I’m not buying it! We all have some vice, so what’s yours? I promise if you tell me, I’ll keep it a secret. I will also let you know of my progress…