‘A Bluestocking Christmas’ by Monica Burns

STORY: As a young man, Simon, Viscount Wycombe learned the painful truth that a tradesman’s daughter is suitable only for liaisons and nothing more. But Ivy Beecham is a far cry from his preconceived notions, and he’s determined to have her. But when she rejects him, it only increases his determination to seduce her into a world of sin and pleasure.

Ivy Beecham knows first-hand that handsome aristocrats like Simon can’t be trusted. But the intellectual scoundrel is hellbent on making her his mistress, using every means at his seductive disposal. When she refuses to give away her heart on Christmas Eve, a ghostly specter shows her in one night why her surrender can be the greatest gift of all.

REVIEW: ‘A Bluestocking Christmas’ by Monica Burns left me in a need of a cold shower! No joke!

I only read a handful of books from her but every one was so sensual that it left me in want of a fan. What I loved about this one was that she reinvented classic movies such as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ with this Victorian historical romance set in 1892 England.

Simon, Viscount Wycombe is a man who loves his family and aims to protect them, especially his young nephew. It appears that the young man has fallen for an older woman and Simon is determined to put this commoner in her place and make sure she never comes close to him again. What he doesn’t count on is his reaction to the woman.

Ivy Beecham is a spinster that has some issues with aristocracy and it took her a long time to train herself to hide her feelings. Coming face to face with Simon as he confronts her in regards to her relationship to his nephew opens her eyes and wounds long hidden to a past that was better left forgotten.

This is not a long story, although it wasn’t short either. I’d say it was just perfect for an evening at home with some Earl Gray…and some Victorian Christmas music in the background.

It was perfectly pitched; fast paced with a secret or two; filled to the brim with warmth and sensuality that will leave you in a want of a cold shower and in the end will make your eyes mist.

This is a must for this Christmas!