Book Review

Carla Kelly’s Christmas Collection

STORY: The Christmas Ornament: When the father of his now-deceased best friend hints that he should consider his daughter as a potential wife, Lord James Crandall isn't sure he can get past the fact that he used to tease her mercilessly when she was just a girl. But once he finds out how brilliant her mind… Continue reading Carla Kelly’s Christmas Collection

Book Review

‘My Loving Vigil Keeping’ by Carla Kelly

BOOK BLURB: To Della Ander’s relatives, it seems like an absurd whim when the young educator accepts a contract to teach in Winter Quarters, a coal mining camp near Scofield, Utah. After all, she lives with a socially prominent family in Salt Lake City. Why teach in a place as hard as a coal mining camp,… Continue reading ‘My Loving Vigil Keeping’ by Carla Kelly

Book Review

‘Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand’ by Carla Kelly

STORY: Playing with Fire — Young widow Roxanna Drew was fair game in the sport of cads. Her suddenly impoverished state made her as vulnerable as her beauty made her tempting to men with more money than morals. Lord Marshall Whitcomb, who held her purse strings in his pawing hands, was intent on luring her… Continue reading ‘Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand’ by Carla Kelly