Book Review

‘The Reluctant Highlander’ by Amanda Scott

STORY: Ordinarily, Lady Fiona Ormiston wouldn’t think of forming an alliance with an ungroomed, barbaric Highlander, despite the protection he offers. But now, by request of the king, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, a brazen stranger and outsider unlike anyone she has met before, is to be her husband. Torn from solitude and the comfort of her… Continue reading ‘The Reluctant Highlander’ by Amanda Scott

Spotlight on

Spotlight on Amanda Scott and ‘Devil’s Moon’!

Today we are spotlighting one of my favorite authors and asking her to tell us her Top 5 book to film/series adaptations. I’m not a movie fan, so this one is hard, but I’m assuming that you’re asking what favorite books I have that have been made into great movies. I’ll give it a shot. … Continue reading Spotlight on Amanda Scott and ‘Devil’s Moon’!

Book Review

‘Moonlight Raider’ by Amanda Scott

STORY: A man of his word... Border Lord Walter Scott of Rankilburn, grief-stricken after burying his father, goes to the forest seeking solace. Instead he finds a half-naked young lady fleeing pursuit. Wat offers his protection, but honor demands that he return the golden-eyed beauty to her rightful husband - even though the last thing he… Continue reading ‘Moonlight Raider’ by Amanda Scott