‘Lady of Seduction’ by Laurel McKee

los lmckSTORY: It’s a mad, ill-advised journey that leads the usually sensible Lady Caroline Blacknall to the legendary isle of Muirin Inish, off the windswept coast of Ireland. Even so, she doesn’t expect to find herself shipwrecked and then rescued by a man she believed she would never see again. A man who, long ago, held her life in his hands . . . and with it, her heart.

Reformed rake Sir Grant Dunmore knew he could never forget the beautiful woman he once endangered nor will he ever forgive himself. But history seems doomed to repeat itself, for as long as Caroline stays on the island, she is trapped in a secret plot that could forever free Ireland—or turn deadly for all. And yet, now that she is in his arms again, how can he dream of ever letting her go?

REVIEW: Caroline Blacknall is a young widow on a quest. She’s in a search of a rare copy of ‘The Chronicle of Kildare’. She knows Grant has it, but can she talk him into giving it to her, so that at last she’ll be able to finish the book she always dreamed of writing?

Sir Grant Dunmore was known to the ton as one of the most charming and sought after bachelors in London. It only took him one night and one mistake to forever burn bridges and be alienated from everything he worked hard to get. That night, he realized that what he needed and what he worked hard to get were not one and the same. The road to redemption will be hard, but will it pay at the end?

This is the third book in a Daughters of Erin series, and I recommend you read the other two first. I’ve fallen in love with this setting and place, which is the early 1800s in Ireland. Caroline’s story is the last one in the series, but her happily-forever-after story had begun in the second book when she first met her hero. Without reading it, you may not get the feel of angst that Grant is experiencing in this book.

As all three books in this series, I just couldn’t put it down. From the first page to the last, we’re drawn into Caroline’s adventure and follow her as she discovers all of Grant’s secrets; but most of all, we watch this young woman come into her own.

Page after page, we’re intrigued by the suspense of this tale, and we slowly start forgiving this hero; but only his forgiveness to himself will set him free. If you’re looking for a strong heroine and a fearless hero, and a tale full of suspense, action, and romance galore, LADY OF SEDUCTION will fulfill all of those requirements!

Melanie for RRAH


July RR@H reviews (part 1)

Are you all in awe of this fast-moving year?! I’m just freaking out! It’s already July, and this whole year is just flying by too quickly for me. I’m all ready for my son’s wedding! I got a dress, shoes and a purse. It appears that I’ll be lighting a candle with mother of the bride (my new in-laws, how weird is that?) and I’m excited about that!

I’ve gotten some reviews in for RRAH and in all those books read I only thought three were worth a read. I’ll start with one left-over June review of DARK MOON OF AVALON by Anna Elliott and I have to tell you, this is one awesome read, if you’re into this time period. Trystan and Isolde is such an old tale and well-known, but once you read this book, you’ll get a whole new picture in your head. I loved James Franco in this role and I pictured him reading this book. Here’s just a peek at a scene from “Trystan and Isolde”


After such a great book, I went to THE BLUE VIKING by Sandra Hill and all I have to say is skip this, unless you’re Ms. Hill’s fan, I think you’ll really be disappointed by this book. This was more of a comedy then the romance. Again, if you’re into slapstick, you might enjoy it. I didn’t and don’t recommend it.

LADY OF SEDUCTION by Laurel McKee is the last story of Daughters of Erin series and I highly recommend all three stories. I can’t stop talking about them. This was such a great series and so well told. I’ve read this author under her other pseudonym of Amanda McCabe and loved her so check her out!

GUARDING A NOTORIOUS LADY by Olivia Parker was everything I expexted this story to be. It had all the elements of a great romance, humor and wit. This new author will go a long way if she continues writing fast paced, well-developed stories. If you haven’t read the other books in this series, please try to get them. They’re all as good as this one and you’ll fall in love with these siblings!

LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN by Elizabeth Boyle was such a disappointment that I almost cried! To wait so long for this story and then to be let down by it, just plain hurt! What the Hell happened to my Hero?! This was…I can’t even talk about it! I loved the other books in the series, and reading this book I just kept shaking my head! DO NOT BOTHER with this one!

And that’s it for now. I hope I’m helping all of you decide on your reads for the summer and if I am won’t you let me know? What are you reading these days?