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‘The Highwayman’ by Judith James is here!

BOOK BLURB: How Easily One's Heart Can Be Stolen...Depends Upon the Thief England, 1680 Known to some as Gentleman Jack and others as Swift Nick, Jack Nevison preys on the wealthy, stealing coin (and the occasional kiss) on England's darkest roads. Jack's dangerous deeds are legend but the thrill of a highwayman's life is growing cold--until… Continue reading ‘The Highwayman’ by Judith James is here!

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“The King’s Courtesan” by Judith James

STORY: Lady libertine, judgmental lord. HER BODY IS A BATTLEGROUND Sensuous, beautiful and determined, Hope Matthews is a favored mistress of the king. Her many charms have helped her rise from the gutter to the king’s bed. But with the new queen’s impending arrival, her nights in the royal chamber— and her hopes for security—will… Continue reading “The King’s Courtesan” by Judith James