Book Review

‘Emily and The Dark Angel’ by Jo Beverley

STORY: Emily Grantwich lives quietly with her crippled father and eccentric aunt, managing the family's land, until the fateful day she walks down the main street of Melton Mowbray and is showered with Poudre de Violettes, thrown by a lady of loose morals at the handsomest man Emily has ever seen. He is Piers Verderan, known by… Continue reading ‘Emily and The Dark Angel’ by Jo Beverley

Book Review

‘Seduction in Silk’ by Jo Beverley

STORY: Peregrine Perriam, son of an earl, has no desire to marry, but when he’s named heir to Perriam Manor, he finds he has only a month to persuade a stranger, Claris Mallow, to the altar or the property will be lost to his family forever, and his line will be cursed. Having survived her parents’… Continue reading ‘Seduction in Silk’ by Jo Beverley

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Time for some old Christmas reads…

Can you believe it?! December is here! That means whatever I'm reading that's not a Christmas story, it needs to be abandoned for everything that is Christmas story. Before I get to them though, I'd like to thank you all for making our second anniversary a huge success.To all the authors that have participated and to those that have been busy in… Continue reading Time for some old Christmas reads…