TV shows to watch out for ….

Am I the only one that’s tiered of the “reality” [if they are real, then I’m 100 lb’s! HA!!] crap that’s overtaken the small screen?! The only “reality” show I’m still sticking to is DANCING WITH THE STARS. That’s it! Everything else is just depressing!

As far as the quality TV goes, I’m not going to mention GAME OF THRONES. That’s too obvious. I love that show and hope it goes on forever and ever! I was devastated with the ending of season 3….

Just a week ago I discovered a show and had to do some catching up. Have you watched it yet? It’s called ‘HELL ON WHEELS’ [AMC network] and it ROCKS! It’s well written; actors are phenomenal and their 3rd season will start on AUGUST 10.

You’ll notice I haven’t put out any actor names, but if you’d like to know who’s in these shows, you can click on the name of the show and it’ll take you to their websites.

Here are my season’s Must see TV!

HOW season 1 Trailer

Another show I got hooked on last year was ‘COPPER’ [BBC America network] and  it just resumed its second season. Guys, this show is amazing. So much talent in one place is scary!

And that’s all…That’s all I managed to like. I honestly couldn’t get into anything else, although I tried. I thought ‘CAMELOT‘ [Starz network] would have been good, but I wasn’t blown away with it. It was just okay.

Now, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the shows that are slated for the new 2013/2014 season and I thought to share them with you and see what you think about them….

For all Phillipa Gregory fans, I say wait no more as the ‘WHITE QUEEN’ takes her throne on AUGUST 10 [Starz network] and I’ve already caught the first episode of it! It really looks good!

Here’s a bit about the show from Starz website:

The White Queen is a riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. In their quest for power, they will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne.
The year is 1464, before the Tudor dynasty ruled the country, and war has been ravaging throughout England over who is the rightful King. It is a bitter dispute between two sides of the same family, The House of York and The House of Lancaster.

The House of York’s young and handsome Edward IV is crowned King of England with the help of the master manipulator, Lord Warwick “The Kingmaker.” But when Edward falls in love with a beautiful Lancastrian commoner, Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick’s plan to control the throne comes crashing down.

A violent, high-stakes struggle ensues between Elizabeth, her most fierce adversary, Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, the pawn in her father’s power game – each woman vying for the crown.”

FOX network is bringing ‘SLEEPY HOLLOW‘ on SEPTEMBER 16th, and it’s looking good. Here’s what’s on their website about the show:

“What if you suddenly woke up from the throes of death 250 years in the future to find the world is on the brink of destruction, caused by unimaginable events, and you are humanity’s last hope?

In this modern day twist of Washington Irving’s classic, ICHABOD CRANE is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Revived alongside Ichabod is the infamous Headless Horseman who is on a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Bound to the Headless Horseman by a blood spell cast on the battlefield of the American Revolution, Ichabod quickly realizes that stopping Headless is just the beginning, as the resurrected rider is but the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

As this re-invented Ichabod finds himself in present-day Sleepy Hollow, he discovers a town and a world he no longer recognizes. All that is brutally familiar are Headless and Ichabod’s determination to annihilate this immortal being. It’s a mission he must complete quickly, as Headless already has viciously slain Sheriff AUGUST CORBIN. Grey served both as mentor and father figure to Detective ABBIE MILLS, a young cop whose own supernatural experiences help her form an unlikely bond with Ichabod. But Sleepy Hollow’s head of police, Captain FRANK IRVING, isn’t buying any of this.

In fact, the only person who is on Abbie’s side is Ichabod. His extensive first-hand knowledge of our secret American history, coupled with her superior profiling and modern threat assessment skills, will make them a formidable duo as they work together to triumph over evil. The complex pasts of Ichabod and Abbie, from Ichabod’s inclusion in the powerful and secretive Freemasons Society and the ghostly appearance of his late wife, KATRINA, to Abbie’s childhood visions, will help them solve the intricate puzzles of Sleepy Hollow in order to protect its future.

As history repeats itself, the oddly-linked pair will draw on the real stories and hallowed secrets this nation was founded on in their quest to stop an increasingly vicious cycle of evil.”

‘REIGN’ is set to start on OCTOBER 17 [CW network] looks like another show for teens, but I think I’ll give it a try. Here’s a bit about it from CW website:

“Hidden between the lines of the history books is the story of Mary Stuart, the young woman the world would come to know as Mary, Queen of Scots.  Queen of Scotland since she was six days old, the teenage Mary is already a headstrong monarch – beautiful, passionate, and poised at the very beginning of her tumultuous rise to power.

Arriving in France with four close friends as her ladies-in-waiting, Mary has been sent to secure Scotland’s strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French king’s dashing son, Prince Francis.  But the match isn’t signed and sealed, it depends more on politics, religion and secret agendas than affairs of the heart.

Prince Francis is intrigued by the fiery Scot, but like most young men, he resists the idea of settling down into marriage, especially when he has a history with a lady of the court and his own point of view on the wisdom of an alliance with Scotland.  Still, an attraction between Mary and Francis is ignited.

Further complicating things is Bash, Francis’ roguish half-brother, who has a history of his own – despite his illegitimate birth, Bash is his father’s favorite.  And now that Bash has caught Mary’s eye, a royal triangle may be forming.  While at French Court, fierce foes and dark forces conspire to sabotage Mary’s marriage to Francis and even threaten her life, until a mysterious shrouded guide becomes her ally.

With danger and sexual intrigue around every dark castle corner, Mary rallies her ladies-in-waiting and steels herself, ready to rule the new land and balance the demands of her country and her heart.”

In JANUARY I’m looking forward to watching ‘BLACK SAILS‘ [Starz network]. I have to say my only motivation to watch this show is….TOBY STEPHENS! The only time once before I watched a show because of a certain actor [SEAN BEAN} and it was GAME OF THRONES. I just know this will be awesome! Here’s a bit about it from the website:

“1715. The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean is at its apex. The former British colony of New Providence Island is now lawless territory, controlled by a few dozen of the most notorious pirate captains in history. The most feared among them is CAPTAIN FLINT.
But as the British Navy returns to these waters, and the threat of extinction looms, another side of Flint emerges. A man driven by deep, complicated, even romantic motives. He will ally himself with the beautiful ELEANOR GUTHRIE, daughter of the local smuggling kingpin who turns the pirates’ loot into profits. Together, they forge a plan to hunt the ultimate prize, and by winning it, stave off reclamation of their home by a resurgent empire.

Arrayed against them are a series of opponents: rival captains, jealous of Flint’s power; Eleanor’s father, whose ambitions for the island conflict with his daughter’s; and a young sailor, recently recruited onto Flint’s crew, who will somehow manage to constantly undermine his captain’s agenda. His name is JOHN SILVER.”

And last, but certainly not the least, I hope, is the show I’ve been waiting FOREVER to be made and that’s ‘OUTLANDER‘! Sorry, no trailer yet for it because the show’s in pre-production still but without a doubt this will be B.I.G. Will let you know as soon as I find out more about it. However, here’s a vid I found to keep you going ’till then….


“Game of Thrones” Season 1

This year HBO put out an AWESOME series based on books by George R. R. Martin called ‘Game of Thrones’ and I fell for this series hard. I love to read but I’ve decided not to read the books because then I would find out what comes next, and that will not do. Not in this case. If you haven’t read the books or if you haven’t seen the series, please make sure you see it. It is so well done that the only word worth describing the series are AMAZING and STUNNING. Everything about it is just so well done that it truly feels like I’m dropped into this strange and fascinating world!

The only reason I tuned in to this show was Sean Bean, who’s playing Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark, Lord of Winterfell, the patriarch of  Stark Family. Now I’m hooked. There’s no way for me to tell you about the story, so without further ado, here’s the synopses from the first season….

There are so many great actors in this ensemble cast that I couldn’t name all but just to give you some idea here are a few.

…and just for fun, here are the stars of the show at COMIC CAN 2011 in San Diego….

…and here’s Drogo vs. Conan….