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Time for …’My DH’s FB stats’!

Could never figure out how what would seem to be otherwise educated, professional men somehow end up fooling themselves into thinking that wearing a dead rat on their head is going to fool anybody? And why are the wives, brothers and friends of these dudes not stepping up and saying "Hey man, you look completely… Continue reading Time for …’My DH’s FB stats’!

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This is one of the Seasons that I look forward to. Early Fall, with its colors changing daily makes me feel all warm inside and always brings fond memories back from way, way back.... This one brought me some news that made me happy and sad. My son and his lovely wife are taking the opportunity that… Continue reading *BRAKING NEWS*BREAKING NEWS*


RBW/Romance Biggest Winner, Baby!

Here we go, Bookworms. The day has arrived and I'm ready to tackle those pesky extra ponds that sneaked up on me and refuse to leave me be. NO MORE! They're well on their way down and I for one will NOT miss them! That's not to say that I won't be missing my Tiramisu,… Continue reading RBW/Romance Biggest Winner, Baby!


What’s on my DH’s mind or DT’s FB statuses

It's only been three days since my ‘Dude' (an endearment I can't seem to wean myself from using) has changed shifts in his work, and I miss him something fierce. It's so dam quiet around the house. I mean, it's not fun watching Military Channel on my own, and tonight Beverly Hills bitches are on… Continue reading What’s on my DH’s mind or DT’s FB statuses