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Outlander – The Fox’s Lair [Epi. 208]

I'm not sure about you, but I'm so f'n glad we left France! Some of the past seven episodes have been good and some brilliant, while the story at times painfully slow, still kept moving us forward and I was elated as our couple decided to plow through their pain and sorrow, and head back… Continue reading Outlander – The Fox’s Lair [Epi. 208]

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Outlander – La Dame Blanche [Ep.204]

I believe, with this episode, a sigh of relief has been heard 'round the world. Our couple had finally figured out a way to reconnect and talk about what has bothered them for months.   I loved every second of their painful exchange. As Jamie spills his heart out, [“... it was like my fortress… Continue reading Outlander – La Dame Blanche [Ep.204]

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Outlander -Through a Glass, Darkly [Ep.201]

TV SYNOPSES: Returning to her own time, Claire must reconcile her future with the life she left behind. Shifting back to 18th Century, Jamie, Claire and Murtagh arrive in France, but learn that Paris presents its own challenges. MY THOUGHTS: Need I say there might be SPOILERS ahead? Read at your own risk 😉 Let me… Continue reading Outlander -Through a Glass, Darkly [Ep.201]

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#Ask Outlander with @caitrionabalfe!

  Caitriona Balfe @caitrionambalfe  Alrighty peeps... Bring It ON... Start your questions now #AskOutlander Sam Heughan ‏ What's your favourite radio station with @andrew_finnie Currently a personal 80s compilation tape.. Anything Finnie and I can sing along to... Cindy Lauper Andy??? Maril Davis ‏ Who's your favourite producer with #ClaireHair? Caitriona Balfe There is some… Continue reading #Ask Outlander with @caitrionabalfe!

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#AskOutlander with @donnellylaura1!

I've got a glass of scotch and I'm here to answer your Outlander questions. Fire away! #AskOutlander Do you feel like you relate to Jenny? I definitely relate to her love for her family and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves Have you ever thought about being on the… Continue reading #AskOutlander with @donnellylaura1!

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#AskOutlander with @SamHeughan!

  Sam Heughan Here we go!! If we looked inside your refrigerator, what would we find? Coffee. Chicken. Vegetables. Coconut water. Blueberries. Just don't look in the freezer.....!!! What are you going to do after this live tweet session? Get a drink, take a nap, work out??? Sushi! And maybe a gin... Apologies! Haven't been… Continue reading #AskOutlander with @SamHeughan!


#AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@lotteverbeek1

  HI EVERYONE!!! ready to roll :-))) Was it a blessing or a curse not to get the role of Claire It was amazing to get the part of Geillis as she is so fun to play! I wonder, how long it took to put that fake pregnant belly on You? PS. I loved You… Continue reading #AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@lotteverbeek1

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Outlander – #1.10, Let’s discuss!

  With this episode we start two points of view, and I loved it! We’re still in Claire’s head, but with very few voiceovers, which actually I loved, but I’m cool either way. First, let me ask how surprised were you with that opening scene? I’m in no way a prude, but this scene in… Continue reading Outlander – #1.10, Let’s discuss!

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Outlander – #1.09, Let’s discuss!

People, I have survived #Droughtlader by re watching the first eight episodes ad nauseam; re listening the second part of Outlander book and hanging around every possible Facebook Outlander group and following Sam, Cait, Tobias and anyone related to the show all over Twitter .. I would say that I've "jumped the shark" when it… Continue reading Outlander – #1.09, Let’s discuss!

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Outlander Ep. 108 ‘Both Sides Now’

Read at your own peril. My thoughts will be sprinkled with SPOILERS! Even after some eight or so times of watching this episode, my thoughts about it are still percolating. They managed to cram a lot of action in this one, but my first viewing left me a mess after the “stones” scene which just… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 108 ‘Both Sides Now’