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‘To Love a Highland Rogue’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: She’s determined to end her betrothal, but he must make her his at all cost. A Scottish lass determined to end her betrothal. As an infant, Mayra Findlay’s hand was pledged in marriage. So closely has her virtue been guarded, she’s never been permitted a beau—has never even flirted with a man. However, after… Continue reading ‘To Love a Highland Rogue’ by Collette Cameron

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‘A Diamond for a Duke’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: A dour duke and a wistful wallflower—an impossible match until fate intervenes one enchanted night. A dour duke. Jules, the Sixth Duke of Dandridge disdains Society and all its trappings, preferring the country’s solitude and peace. Already jaded and cynical since the woman he loved died years ago, he’s become even more so since… Continue reading ‘A Diamond for a Duke’ by Collette Cameron

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Spotlight on Collette Cameron and ‘Passion and Plunder’!

BOOK BLURB: Would you sacrifice everything for the person you love, knowing you can never be together? A desperate Scottish lady Lydia Farnsworth—the sole surviving heir to the Laird of Tornbury Fortress—has lost nearly everyone she loves. Now her father lies on his deathbed. And as if this isn't dire enough, he's invited men from… Continue reading Spotlight on Collette Cameron and ‘Passion and Plunder’!

Book Review

‘Bride of Falcon’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: After five Seasons, Ivonne Wimpleton has accepted she’s a haute ton undesirable. Always a bit ungraceful, her suitors are men desperate to get their hands on her marriage settlement. Guarded and aloof, she’s resigned herself to spinsterhood. She doesn’t mind her fate, since Chancy Faulkenhurst, the man who once held her heart, left for India… Continue reading ‘Bride of Falcon’ by Collette Cameron

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‘Virtue and Valor’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: Bartholomew Yancy never expected to inherit an English earldom and had no intention of marrying. Now, the Earl of Ramsbury and last in his line, he’s obligated to resign his position as England’s War Secretary, find a wife, and produce an heir. Only one woman holds the least appeal: Isobel Ferguson, an exquisite Scotswoman. Brought… Continue reading ‘Virtue and Valor’ by Collette Cameron

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‘Wagers Gone Awry’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: Brooke Culpepper resigned herself to spinsterhood when she turned down the only marriage proposal she’d likely ever receive to care for her family. After her father dies, a distant cousin inherits the estate and becomes their guardian but permits Brooke to act in his stead. Heath, Earl of Ravensdale is none-too-pleased to discover five young… Continue reading ‘Wagers Gone Awry’ by Collette Cameron

Book Review

‘The Earl’s Enticement’ by Collette Cameron

STORY: She won’t be tamed.  A fiery, unconventional Scot, Adaira Ferguson wears breeches, swears, and has no more desire to marry than she does to follow society’s dictates of appropriate behavior. She trusts no man with the secret she desperately protects. He can’t forget. Haunted by his past, Roark, The Earl of Clarendon, rigidly adheres to… Continue reading ‘The Earl’s Enticement’ by Collette Cameron