‘All I Want for Christmas Is a Duke’ Anthology

aiwfciad-vb-tcvl-amSTORY: The holidays are a time for dining, dancing, and of course—dukes! Celebrate the Christmas season with this enchanting collection of historical romances featuring the most eligible bachelors of the ton

A childish prank may have reunited the Duke of Hollingsworth with his estranged wife, but only the magic of Christmas will show this couple ’tis the season of second chances…

Sophie Kinsley planned to remain a wallflower at the Duke of Hollyshire’s ball. Yet when a dance with him leads to a stolen kiss, will the duke be willing to let her go? Or will Sophie’s Christmas wish be granted at last?

To the Duke of Vale, science solves everything—even marriage. When the impulsive Ivy Sutherland makes him question all of his data, he realizes that he’s overlooked a vital component in his search for the perfect match: love.

Patience Markham never forgot the fateful dance she had with the future Duke of Kingsbury. But when a twist of fate brings them together for Christmas Eve, will the stars finally align in their favor?

REVIEW: First, all four are short, sweet and lighthearted stories.

Naturally, I loved some more than the others, but all in all, I was happy while reading them. Be warned though, these are very short stories, but all will give you a fair taste of the authors that have written them.

The Duke & Duchess Trap by Valerie Bowman.

If you’ve never seen the original “Parent Trap” movie, than you’re in for a treat. To this day, that is one of my all time favorite stories. This was a fun and entertaining story by an author I like a lot.

Sophie and the Duke by Tiffany Clare

Who doesn’t like a “Cinderella” inspired story? Show me that person and I’ll call them out! In this retelling of the fairy tale, romance is between two childhood friends and it was sweet and memorable.

The Duke’s Christmas Wish by Vivienne Lorret

Believe it or not, I never read “Princess and the Frog”, but I did hear about it so this tale was, at least to me, fresh and interesting. I truly loved this couple because both were unique and just too damn fun!

One Magic Season by Ashlyn Macnamara

In the last story, we have a wonderful story of second chances. It really was a sweet and tender story that you’ll probably relate to.

This collection of Christmas tales is a great way to sample these four wonderful authors and I recommend it with enthusiasm.

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‘The Christmas Surprise’ by Jenny Colgan

tcs-jcSTORY: From the New York Times bestselling author of Little Beach Street Bakery and The Bookshop on the Corner comes a delightful holiday tale full of sweetness, love, heartbreak, and happiness—perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber and Elin Hilderbrand.

Rosie Hopkins, newly engaged, is looking forward to an exciting year in the little English sweetshop she owns. But when fate deals Rosie and her boyfriend Stephen a terrible blow, threatening everything they hold dear, it’s going to take all their strength and the support of their families and their friends to hold them together.

After all, don’t they say it takes a village to raise a child?

REVIEW: This is my first time reading a Jenny Colgan novel and I loved it. It made me want to move to the English countryside village and savor snow days at Christmas.

Despite the predictability of the plot, I enjoyed the drama because it was someone elses for a change 😉

If you’re looking for an easy book to read while you sip your hot cocoa, grab this one. You’ll like it.

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‘The Little Bookshop on the Seine’ by Rebecca Raisin

tlbots-rrSTORY: Le Vie En Rose

Bookshop owner Sarah Smith has been offered the opportunity to exchange bookshops with her new Parisian friend for 6 months! And saying yes is a no-brainer – after all, what kind of a romantic would turn down a trip to Paris? Even if it does mean leaving the irresistible Ridge Warner behind, Sarah’s sure she’s in for the holiday of a lifetime – complete with all the books she can read!

Picturing days wandering around Shakespeare & Co, munching on croissants, sipping café au laits and people-watching on the Champs-Elysees Sarah boards the plane. But will her dream of a Parisian Happily-Ever-After come true? Or will Sarah realise that the dream isn’t quite as rosy in reality…

REVIEW: Sarah lives in a small town in Connecticut and is struggling to keep her bookshop open. It’s called The Bookshop on the Corner. Her boyfriend is Ridge, a reporter, who is traveling doing freelance work. This means that their time together is minimal. Sophie owns Once Upon a Time bookshop in Paris. It’s located right along the Seine and is in a perfect location. Sarah and Sophie have become friends via a bookshop blog and Skype quite often. So, when Sophie’s heart is broken by her boyfriend, she suggests to Sarah that they exchange working at each other’s bookshops for a period of time as Sophie needs to get away. Living in Paris has always been on Sarah’s bucket list and so she agrees. They will live in each other’s apartments so it all works out perfectly.

When Sarah arrives in Paris, she is thrown right into the bookstore and becomes fascinated with the numerous customers and vast size of the store itself. Excited about being in Paris, she finds herself constantly tied to the store juggling all of the customers and endless duties. She soon discovers that while she is willing to work as many hours as necessary to get the jobs done, her French counterparts work when it pleases them to do so. However, she manages to steal some time away from the store here and there to explore the beautiful city of Paris.

Readers follow Sarah as she meets some of the regulars who come into the bookstore and stay all day. There are writers and painters and poets. The business at the bookstore is enormous with the tourists who line up to buy from the large and varied displays of books. Once Sarah lets her co-workers know she will not tolerate their attitude toward working, they come to respect her more and they become friends. They introduce Sarah to the little shops and restaurants that the tourists don’t know about but which thrill Sarah.

Although Sarah is having a lovely time in Paris, she is disappointed that her plans to spend time with Ridge keep being put on hold as he flies from one country to another chasing news stories. After three months in Paris, she is sad that they have only had one day together. With both of them so busy, they are constantly missing one another’s phone calls as well.

As Christmas approaches, Sarah is in her element making plans to decorate the bookstore for the holiday and offer lots of festive events. While she loves Christmas and is excited about it, she is hurting because Ridge is not there and she cannot help but question where their relationship is heading. As a romance novel lover, Sarah is hoping that she will be able to find her own HEA.

I loved this book. The author described the Paris that I personally know and love, including all of the things that make it such an exciting city. Romance book lovers everywhere will want to read this. I promise you that it will be a book you won’t soon forget.

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‘The Secrets of Roscarbury Hall’ by Ann O’Loughlin

tsorh-aolSTORY: Sisters Ella and Roberta O’Callaghan haven’t spoken for decades, torn apart by a dark family secret from their past. They both still live in the family’s crumbling Irish mansion, communicating only through the terse and bitter notes they leave for each other in the hallway. But when their way of life is suddenly threatened by bankruptcy, Ella tries to save their home by opening a café in the ballroom – much to Roberta’s disgust.

As the café begin to thrive, the sisters are drawn into a new battle when Debbie, an American woman searching for her birth mother, starts working at the Ballroom Café. Debbie has little time left but as she sets out to discover who she really is and what happened to her mother, she is met by silence and lies at the local convent. Determined to discover the truth, she begins to uncover an adoption scandal that will rock both the community and the warring sisters.

REVIEW: Rothsorney Co. Wickham – 2008

Ella O’Callaghan lives with her sister, Roberta O’Callaghan in their huge, and rundown family home, Roscarbury Hall. Their parents were killed in an accident leaving Ella and Roberta to try and make enough money to pay back a loan to the bank their father had made and to try to do as much upkeep to the Hall as they can afford.

Ella has been making her well-known cakes and selling them to local shops. She decides to open a cafe at the Hall set around the large fountain outside. But, Roberta is against the plan. The two sisters have been angry with one another for many years and communicate by writing notes to each other. Roberta is bitter about her past and drinks a lot. Ella is a widow and lost her baby girl in a freak accident many years ago.

Debbie Kading is an American woman who comes to Rothsorney looking for her birth mother. She knows that she was born in the area, adopted by her now deceased American parents and wants so much to find her real mother. The local group of Catholic sisters adopted out many children years ago. Most of the young mothers were unwed which was looked down upon at the time and one of the Catholic sisters actually took babies from their mothers telling them that the baby had died and then adopting them out. The scandal from this is about to blow sky-high.

When Ella and Debbie meet, they develop an immediate friendship. Debbie agrees to help Ella open the upstairs ballroom in the Hall for the cafe. The hard work the women put into cleaning and preparing it is enormous, but they get it done. The cafe is a great success.

We meet the many interesting town people and the gossip that some of them love to share. There is great heartbreak and illness that we encounter in the story, but we also learn about the time of the late 1950’s to 1960’s in the town. The determination that many people live with is very admirable.

I found this to be a story that grabs the reader and won’t let go. I enjoyed it immensely and hope readers will take the time to read it too. It’s a book that will remain with you for a long time to come.

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‘The Gift – A Christmas Miracle’ by Joanne Clancy

tg jcSTORY: Julie wants only one gift this holiday season, but it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to make her wish come true.

Julie Hamilton loves Christmas. It’s her favorite time of year, from the cinnamon smell of freshly baked mince-pies to the excitement of buying gifts for family and friends, decorating the tree, and hanging stockings for Santa Claus on the mantelpiece.
This Christmas promises to be extra special because she’s expecting the perfect gift–her first baby–on Christmas Eve.

However, a chance encounter turns her world upside down, and soon, she’s praying for her very own Christmas miracle.

Can the spirit of the Christmas season and the kindness of strangers find a way to make her wish come true?

REVIEW: Julie Hamilton and her husband, Shane an ER doctor, are expecting their first baby on Christmas Eve. She knows it’s a boy too.  As she has always loved everything about Christmas, Julie is absolutely thrilled.

On December 22nd, Shane arrives home early to tell her that her gynecologist called to tell him that her latest blood work showed her iron was dangerously low and she needed to go to the hospital right away and to induce her labor early.  After several lengthy procedures to get her labor started, she finally enters the last phase and safely delivers a son whom they name James Joseph.

Soon Julie is recovering, snuggling and nursing James Joseph as they prepare to be released from the hospital.

In the meantime, a woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform enters the hospital and brazenly heads to the nursery where she simply bypasses the busy nurses.  Knowing she wants to steal a baby boy, she enters Julie’s room chatting with each of the mothers.  She confidently approaches Julie telling her that she needs to take James Joseph with her to have some blood work done. Since he has just been checked the day before, Julie is surprised but reluctantly hands James Joseph over to her.

When time passes and her son is not returned to her, panic sets in and it is found that James Joseph is missing!  It is a horrendous shock and fear that Julie and Shane experience.  Why did this woman take the baby?  Will the police be able to find James Joseph and return him to his loving parents whose hearts are broken.

This is a story about a true Christmas miracle.  Reading how the story unfolds and the tension builds when James Joseph goes missing is probably every parent’s worst nightmare.

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‘Christmas Brides Anthology’ by Valerie Bowman, Elizabeth Essex, Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins

cba vb se ah eeSTORIES: A collection of previously published Christmas e-novellas…

“One Hot Scot” by Suzanne Enoch

Duncan Lenox lives surrounded by enemies, a MacLawry in a land of Campbells. But when an English beauty has nowhere else to turn, he feels obligated to help. Now that they must spend a night together in an abandoned cottage while a storm rages on, will their mutual passion save—or doom—them both?

“Once Upon a Christmas Scandal” by Alexandra Hawkins

Lady Ellen is outraged when she learns her dowry’s been increased by her dad, eager to draw every bachelor in England to her front door. So when Lord Swainsbury comes knocking, Ellen assumes he’s another dreadful fortune hunter. Little does she know that Swainsbury has completely fallen for her—body, heart, and soul…

“The Scandal Before Christmas” by Elizabeth Essex

Lieutenant Ian Worth needs a wife by Christmas. He has to find her, woo her, and wed her before he goes back to sea. Anne Lesley is a shy spinster with no prospects, so she accepts Ian’s hasty offer only for the security it will bring. But when a midwinter storm rolls in, things start to heat up between them…and they might just find true, honest-to-goodness love…

“It Happened Under the Mistletoe” by Valerie Bowman

Oliver Townsende intends to avoid the hordes of marriage-minded misses at a friend’s holiday party. When he meets Miss Cerian Blake, who’s dodging her own unwanted set of admirers, the two decide to join forces and fake an infatuation to keep their suitors at bay. But when mistletoe becomes involved, will their Christmastime prank turn into a love to last all seasons?

REVIEWS: “It Happened Under the Mistletoe” by Valerie Bowman

Oxfordshire, December 1817.  Oliver Townsende, the new Duke of Markingham, has been invited to attend Lord Medford’s Christmastide House Party.  It is with a bit of trepidation that he agrees to attend.  Now that the word is out that he has become a Duke and is single, the young women are around him like bees to honey.  For instance, one young woman, Lady Selina Kinsey, is quite brazen in her pursuit of him, trying to grab him at every turn and kiss him under the mistletoe.  It is while hiding from her that he meets a young woman who is also hiding from several gentlemen who are pursuing her.  

Miss Cerian Blake, age 22, is a cousin to a Viscountess and is in possession of a large dowry.  Although her father made his fortune in the copper trade, Lords Easterbrooke, Dashford, Meriwether and Sir Giliam are all looking to get their hands on her dowry.

As Oliver and Cerian are attracted to one another they are both trying not to give into this as they are each concerned that someone would want them only for their money.  However, they soon find that the attraction they have is true.

I enjoyed reading about Oliver and Cerian and found that they were perfectly matched for one another. They both possess a good sense of humor which is so necessary to having a good relationship.

Once again, Valerie Bowman has written a total winner.  I look forward to reading even more of her novels.

“The Scandal Before Christmas” by Elizabeth Essex

It is December 1816 where we find Lieutenant Ian Worth, second son to Viscount Rainsford who is demanding that Ian marry right away.  After spending 12 years as an officer in His Royal Majesty’s Navy, Ian is not open to demands from his bully of a father.  As it happens, his brother, Ross, and heir to the family’s fortune, has fallen from his horse and being paralyzed he will not be able to father children.  As Ross was engaged to Honoria, daughter of Sir Joseph Lewis, Ian is now instructed to marry her. In order to stall for time, Ian tells his father that he is already married when he in truth is not.

When Ian meets up with his old friend, Colonel Lesley, in a bar who tells him that he has decided to sell his commission and stay home to marry off his daughters, Ian responds that he is looking for a bride. They agree that Colonel and Mrs. Lesley will travel to Ian’s home, Gull Cottage on the Isle of Wight. They will bring their 22-year-old daughter for Ian to meet.  He is told that she is a sensible girl with a good head on her shoulders.

When the family arrives, Ian is somewhat taken aback that Anne Lesley is a rather plain and painfully shy young woman constantly at the beck and call of her mother who treats her as a servant.  In truth, Anne would like nothing more than to marry and get away from her jabbering mother.

As Ian and Anne get to know one another, he is pleased to find that she is quite agreeable to live at Gull Cottage while he is away at sea.  She loves the peace and quiet of the place.

However, Ian’s father makes an unexpected appearance at his home demanding to meet his bride. When Ian tells Anne that he has lied to his father, she goes along with his deception and pretends to be his bride.  Ian always received cruel treatment from his father and was forced to go to sea at age 12.

Will Ian and Anne truly fall in love?  Will they be able to live their lives as they wish without interference by their parents?

I found this to be a very sweet story.  Ian and Anne are perfectly matched for each other.

“One Hot Scot” by Suzanne Enoch

Julia Prentiss is a lovely young woman with a large dowry.  What visiting family, she is kidnapped by Lord Bellamy and taken to his home in Scotland.  His plan is to make her marry him so he can gain access to her dowry.  But Julia is a wily one and manages to escape and take off on a horse.  When the horse throws her, she lands on the ground by a river.  When she sees a naked man bathing in the river, she asks for his help.  His name is Duncan Lenox and offers for Julia to stay in his small cottage a few miles from Lenox House.  A huge rainstorm necessitate that they stay there overnight.  They are immediately attracted to one another and he tells her about himself and his family.

When Lord Bellamy discovers them in the cottage, he tries to take Julia back but they escape to Lenox House which turns out to be a huge mansion.  There, his grandmother and three sisters welcome her.

Duncan is a very wealthy man and Julia is an heiress.  Wonder what will happen next?

This is short but sweet novella with just the right amount of romance and angst.

“Once Upon a Christmas Scandal” by Alexandra Hawkins

It is 1826 in London where we find Lady Ellen Courtland, age 30, living with her parents, Lord and Lady Netherley.  Ellen’s father is ill and has been diagnosed with angina pectoris.  His doctor tries to keep him in bed but his love for his plants in his conservatory keep him escaping from his bed.  Lord Courtland is frustrated that Ellen has not married, but she simply does not care for any of her suitors.  When she discovers that her father has decided to triple the amount of her dowry to make sure she finds the right man, she is furious.  However, she tries to cover her anger and go along with her father to keep him calm.  Her family has invited a great number of people for Christmas and, hopefully, one of them will be someone Ellen will choose to marry.

When Derrick Martin Hunt, Earl of Swainsbury, appears as part of the Christmas invitees, Ellen just figures that he is another man looking to marry her and gain her dowry.  However, as they get to know one another better over the days, she discovers he is not the man she thought he was.  In fact, he is handsome, kind and truly cares for her.  When he confides a sad story about his murdered sister, she is shocked to find that Derrick has reason to believe that the killer is now after her.

As the attraction between Derrick and Ellen increases, so does the tension of what might happen.  When near tragedy strikes, they ban together to save her and her family.

This is a cleverly written novel with solid characters that make the story one that the reader will not want to put down.

I have strived to include teasers by not spoilers in this review as I do not think the book/novella has been published before.

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