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#Ask Outlander with @caitrionabalfe!

  Caitriona Balfe @caitrionambalfe  Alrighty peeps... Bring It ON... Start your questions now #AskOutlander Sam Heughan ‏ What's your favourite radio station with @andrew_finnie Currently a personal 80s compilation tape.. Anything Finnie and I can sing along to... Cindy Lauper Andy??? Maril Davis ‏ Who's your favourite producer with #ClaireHair? Caitriona Balfe There is some… Continue reading #Ask Outlander with @caitrionabalfe!


#AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@lotteverbeek1

  HI EVERYONE!!! ready to roll :-))) Was it a blessing or a curse not to get the role of Claire It was amazing to get the part of Geillis as she is so fun to play! I wonder, how long it took to put that fake pregnant belly on You? PS. I loved You… Continue reading #AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@lotteverbeek1

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Outlander Ep. 107 ‘The Wedding’

I don’t need to say that this post is FILLED with SPOILERS, do I?!  Well it took me long enough to get this post together my bookworms! I know I’m Outlander obsessed but I must admit I had to let go of this obsession for just a bit this week. You know, my Dude’s birthday one… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 107 ‘The Wedding’

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Outlander Ep. 106 ‘Garrison Commander’

It’s Monday and I’m still trying to process this last episode. Below are my thoughts about it and its characters. If you haven’t watched the episode, be aware that there are spoilers. As for all the rest of you that have seen it, I hope you stop by and give me your thoughts on it.… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 106 ‘Garrison Commander’

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#Ask Outlander with @TobiasMenzies!

Ron's podcast said it was your idea to wipe Jenny's face with your finger - is visiting your dark side fun? Yes, I'm afraid all that kinda kinki-ness tends to be my idea....ho hum Will you also be playing BJR's brother Alex in the next season? Be fun! but I would have to do scenes… Continue reading #Ask Outlander with @TobiasMenzies!

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Outlander Ep. 105 ‘Rent’

Do I need to tell you that there will be SPOILERS? If you've not watched the episode, you may not want to read this post. NOTE: From this point on I’ll not be recapping [there are so many sites that are doing it, and some are really good while others attempt to be funny and come across silly, but… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 105 ‘Rent’

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#AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@grahammctavish

Outlander @Outlander_Starz · 20h Find out what it's like to portray Dougal MacKenzie tomorrow during a live #AskOutlander chat with @grahammctavish. Apologies!!!!I am now ON. got delayed with a table read on my next project. But I'm here now. Will do my best to answer as much as I can! What Are you wearing rgt now ;-)… Continue reading #AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@grahammctavish

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Outlander Ep. 104 ‘The Gathering’

RECAP: The episode opens with Claire playing in the near forest ‘hunt the boar’ in which she appears to be the boar. And while the kids are having some fun, she is secretly marking an escape route with her discarded hair ribbons and her fichu. In the next few scenes I loved the way we… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 104 ‘The Gathering’

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@Outlander_Starz and @TallShipProds [Maril Davis] on Twitter!

Here she is, answering Outlander fans' questions! Outlander @Outlander_Starz  Chat with brilliant Co-Executive Producer @TallShipProds on Friday! Tweet questions with #AskOutlander Maril Davis @TallShipProds  Everyone ready for my live #Outlander chat? Starting.....NOW! #AskOutlander Have you read all of the Outlander books/companion books? Has @Writer_DG shared unpublished writings with you? Yes and Yes. Will you get… Continue reading @Outlander_Starz and @TallShipProds [Maril Davis] on Twitter!

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Outlander Ep. 103 – ‘The Way Out’

The third episode opens up with a flashback of Frank bidding farewell to Claire as she boards a train for the frontlines. I loved that scene in which we get another glimpse into their relationship and add another layer to their characters.  Besides foreshadowing, this scene solidifies Claire as a modern woman as she’s the… Continue reading Outlander Ep. 103 – ‘The Way Out’