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Cecilia Grant ROCKS my romance world!

Last couple of weeks I felt like I entered a 'read-a-thon' and 'crammed' a lot of books. Some were just okay and some good, and then there's 'A Gentleman Undone' by Cecilia Grant. Have you heard of her? If you haven't, I'm here to tell you that you NEED, HAVE to read her work. She… Continue reading Cecilia Grant ROCKS my romance world!

RRAH Book Review

May RRAH reviews ….

Hello my bookworms!! Have you noticed it's middle of May already?! This is ridiculous! This year's just flying away from me...I'm still recuperating from my January fall and felling better some days, and then there are some that just plain suck... The weather's not helping much either...Some days are outright gloomy, and then some are so warm… Continue reading May RRAH reviews ….

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Time to ‘catch up’ with my RRAH Reviews…

Hello my Bookworms! Now about those AWESOME cup cakes?! Just click on the link and you'll find yourself in a cup cake Heaven! It has been a hell of a short winter and almost no snow here in the Windy City, but we can deal with that. How was your winter? Have you had much… Continue reading Time to ‘catch up’ with my RRAH Reviews…

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RRAH October and November reviews….

Now that  we're done with celebrating and the prizes have been given away, I thought you might want to read some of my November reviews at Romance Reader At Heart website. It was a balancing act and I felt like a juggler but I managed to squeeze a few reviews in between! First up is VIRTUOSO… Continue reading RRAH October and November reviews….

RRAH Book Review

September RRAH reviews & October preview…

The last couple of months have been exciting for me, more on a personal level then the professional and I'm hoping October will be tamer. Never the less, as always, a bookworm like me, finds the time to put its nose in a book. For September I have only three books reviewed for Romance Reader At… Continue reading September RRAH reviews & October preview…

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RRAH August reviews

Well, now with my son's wedding behind us, I'm relieved all went with a minor hitch (DJ never showed up, but replacement did from another firm 30 minutes into the wedding reception) and the newlyweds are now back from their Honeymoon to enjoy life together. I've also had some time to turn some of my… Continue reading RRAH August reviews

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July RR@H reviews (part 2)

It has been a sauna here in Chicago and we thought to escape the sweltering weather, so Wisconsin trip sounded so good! Once there, we discovered that even all the way up north we couldn't escape this humidity. Regardless of the weather, we had an awesome time on our road trip. We caught up with… Continue reading July RR@H reviews (part 2)

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July RR@H reviews (part 1)

Are you all in awe of this fast-moving year?! I'm just freaking out! It's already July, and this whole year is just flying by too quickly for me. I'm all ready for my son's wedding! I got a dress, shoes and a purse. It appears that I'll be lighting a candle with mother of the… Continue reading July RR@H reviews (part 1)

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May RRAH reviews (part 2)

It seems that Mother Nature has lost a calendar and can't make up her mind as to what season of the year to gift us with! I had the air on the day before yesterday, last night I was freezing under the covers, so I had heat on and this morning I had to turn on… Continue reading May RRAH reviews (part 2)