Outlander Ep. 108 ‘Both Sides Now’


Read at your own peril. My thoughts will be sprinkled with SPOILERS!
Even after some eight or so times of watching this episode, my thoughts about it are still percolating. They managed to cram a lot of action in this one, but my first viewing left me a mess after the “stones” scene which just took my breath away and I broke down and cried. The acting by Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe continues to be brilliant.


They both bring so much to their respective roles that I honestly have been gob smacked from week to week. I realize that a lot of things go into making this show, but if these two people lacked talent, nothing and no one could bring these characters out. Good for us they are loaded with talent and once they put on those costumes on, they are Frank/Black Jack and Claire.

108 dia

And here we are at the mid-season finale, episode 108 and aptly titled ‘Both Sides Now’ because for the first time we get to see ‘the other’ side, Frank’s side and it was heartbreaking watching Frank go through his grieving process.

108 frankFirst, this was an episode that was told simultaneously from Frank’s and Claire’s point of view, and it’s a huge departure from the books, but it worked for both audiences, book and non-book readers. Speaking as a book reader, it helped me to understand this man much better. It humanized Frank and brought me closer to him.

I said it before and let me reiterate, Ron D. Moore’s a genius and no doubt about it. I’m 108 renjoying the show and leaving books behind while the show is on. He has a vision and he’s running with it and we can join and enjoy the ride or get off his train. Our choice and I must say, I’m joining the crowed that’s hitching a ride on that train.

That’s not to say that I’m on board with every choice he’s made about the adaptation, and I do think there was some missed opportunity in adding more dimension to Jamie Fraser’s character. I’ll try to explain this a little bit further down, but now let me say that this episode was a mixed bag for me. I predominantly liked it, but wasn’t enamored with it as with the previous seven.

108dSome things just didn’t work for me, while others did.

I have to stop here and tell you that even though I’m watching the show without comparing it to the books [and it is not easy, but I’ve managed it so far!], I noticed that my opinion/observation of this episode in particular, comes more from a perspective of a “reader” than a “viewer”. I’ve noticed the difference only after I had a discussion with my awesome DH who’s been 108nwatching the show with me [never read the books]. I was surprised with his take on this episode and it was fascinating to hear him talk about the parts he loved and actually appreciated.

He thought that all that Frank stuff was necessary and very poignant, going so far to tell me the date that Frank went up to that hill [12/21/1945; Frank was listening to the news on his car radio] and he was the 108pone to point Claire’s shawl to me which was all lost on me because I was a mess at that point. So, I guess we all bring to the table our own interpretation and none is right or wrong, but just our own.

In our discussion of the issue I had, he totally shot me down! He completely disagreed with me and that’s when I realized that my POV was still being influenced by the “reader” and not the “viewer”.2014-09-27 22.55.53

Anyways, let me tell you the things I loved right off the bat.
I was very happy to have another point of view and watching Frank’s timeline was exhilarating, jarring and depressing, but boy was it welcome!
Wee Roger was curtness itself and I’m sure that we’ll see him some more before the season ends.

108lClaire’s bonding not just with Jamie but with all the Highlanders.

I was impressed by the filming of the ‘near rape’ from Claire’s perspective, giving us a ‘dream like’ view and speed. 2014-09-28 00.44.02And as I said earlier, the two timelines converging at the Craig Na Dun, combined with a Druid song in the background, just did me in. 

2014-09-28 00.43.55

The cliffhanger wasn’t a surprise for me because I read somewhere that Ron Moore said that’s where he’d end it, and yet I still went nuts over it. Loved it! Watching Jamie’s snarl was awesome and seeing the expression on Black Jack’s face was disturbing to say the least!


All in all, I’m a happy camper, as a reader and a viewer. It’s rare that a book of this caliber gets an adaptation as close and vivid as this one is. Everything throughout the season has been portrayed as close to it as possible and the production is superb, from top to bottom. But knowing who’s behind it, it doesn’t surprise me, and as a fan of the creator of the show and books, I am in virtual seventh heaven and very grateful to them both, for creating and bringing this literary gem to me.


That said, I am disappointed that the character of Jamie Fraser hadn’t been fleshed out in these eight episodes as much as Frank or Black Jack has. And as much as people are quick to point out to me that I’m biased and speaking from my “reader” POV, I still think [and this is in no criticism of RDM & Co] but just my own personal observation, is that Ron Moore made a conscious decision to expand one character at the expanse of another.

2014-09-28 00.44.15

While I’m all for it, I think it could have been accomplished with at least a third less screen time, which could have gone to the developing and ‘rounding’ of Jamie’s character. I understand that this is their prerogative and they are the experts. However, that still doesn’t change my opinion that the opportunity has been missed to develop him just a bit more.

2014-09-28 00.44.07

Not to make him ‘King of Men’, nor to embellish him, but just make him more three-dimensional. I was and am on board with seeing Frank and his suffering; watch BJR’s character tell us his POV about the flogging. Those scenes gave us better picture of those characters. My question is why couldn’t we have had the same opportunity to get to know JAMMF in just the same way? The scenes we see JAMMF are very good, and majority was plucked right out of the book, but the most powerful one [of his flogging] was solely concentrated on another character.


So while they followed JAMMF’s story almost to the letter of the book, keeping him in the background [too long in my humble opinion] they fleshed out other characters, such as Frank and Dougal, even Angus and Rupert. That was wasted time and opportunity in developing JAMMF.

It’s water under the bridge now. I’m not losing faith in the show, in RDM or anything of the sort but that’s my impression …

But then I talk to my DH and he tells me from his non-book-reader POV, the show had developed Jamie character to his satisfaction. He is very impressed with the story and tells me that there’s plenty of time left to get into Jamie’s character.
I am given to understand that the second half will be in his voiceover which made me feel a whole lot better.

Scotch on the Rocks! Sam Heughan from Twitter today.

Scotch on the Rocks!
Sam Heughan from Twitter today.

As much as I love Tobias Menzies, I’ll be glad when Frank/BJR are out of the picture.
so what do you think about the show so far/ are you hooked? And what are your thoughts on this episode? I always welcome discussion, especially the ones with different POV from mine. I’ll always give it respect that it deserves. We all bring to the table our own interpretation, and none is right or wrong, but just our own. If I respect your opinion, then I’m hoping you will do the same with mine, and not belittle it or discourage me to have one. This is what we as people with love of anything should always strive to do. Question, talk, discuss and be loving in all of it.


*Sam Heughan’s photo from his Twitter


Live Twitter Chat w/Sam @Heughan & Cait @caitrionambalfe


. I “may” be in a pub….

When or are y’all filming season two and who is the best horseman or women in the cast ?

Oh, this is a bone of contention but @caitrionambalfe knows I’m better than her….

What did you think when you first saw @caitrionambalfe in Claire’s wedding dress?

She really is a woman of beauty and a lady of grace.

If you had to be locked up in a cell with anyone in the world, who would it be? And why?

Depends for how long….

If Jamie could choose a modern junk food what would it be?

Deep fried haggis

Do you do all the fighting yourself or do you have a double?

So far I’ve done all my own stunts! We have doubles, for 2nd unit stuff, they normally show us. Awesome Team.

Pls tell Duncan “WE” said “Hey there, Sailor” or something 2 that effect. He’s my wee Scruffmeister!

You would be in a lot of trouble, he’s a wild man!

We were able to see really lovely costumes? What was your favourite outfit so far?

Terry @draiochta14 has done an amazing job huh!

How difficult was it to ride horses in a kilt?

Very comfortable actually

We are in love with Jamie. Which is the fictional character you love the most?

James Bond. Sherlock Holmes.

For starters how would Sam live without his hair product ..??

I have more than Cait, that’s for sure. #bigHair

@heughan and @caitrionambalfe, on top or on bottom?

In the middle.

With the character based on a book, do you like having such a reference in understanding Jamie?

It’s a great gift, to use as reference but I feel now I understand Jamie, though he has more surprises to come

Do you have Outlandish Companion to refer to?

Found Exile more helpful and other shorts stories. Plus “Herself” helps out too sometimes!

Ok so many great acting little nuances with your fingers, hands, eyes as Jamie…you or director’s?

Details are mine, Noted them form the books. Directors do however get the performance. It’s a collaboration.

Do you think Claire has got an alcohol problem?

She’s a bit of a lush huh?! But understandable… hic!

I understand there is a lot of time between studio takes. Do y’all stay in chrctr?

No, but down time pretty busy with press stuff, prepping other scenes, make up checks and drinking coffee

How do you not get sick with filming outside in the Scottish weather?

People are ill, you have to be very careful, when one person gets cold, it goes around

Is there anything you dodon’tike about your character?

All the pain he goes through.

What is the easiest way to make @caitrionambalfe laugh

Just smile, she can’t help herself. :)

Is the whisky you’re all drinking on camera real?

If only! But some scenes we both have needed a little “dutch courage”

Which episode was the most difficult to film?

Each ep has own challenges. Weather, location etc but last two rather hard. I’m proud of them.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Loved eps 13/14 Wait and you’ll see… #newcharacters

Do you have any kind of ritual before filming?

Putting on the kilt is kind of a ritual, you may see it sometime..

When does season 2 begin shooting?

Beginning on next year… sometime…

Is season 1 the end of book 1 or will it continue into season 2?

Season 1 is book one. Season two covers book two, but know writers like to bring in elements from others

Are they omissions/ deletions in adaptation u wished had stayed true to book?

Always things have to be lost but hopefully we can keep as many as possible!

What was the most emotional scene that you filmed this season?

Last day with “Highlanders” was hard. Great ensemble. Brilliant actors.

If you had the chance to tweek a scene a wee bit which one and how?

We do tweak a lot, actors, writers and director collaborate a lot.

Has your family gone to set of outlander yet?

A few times. Feel so proud. Must stop my mother touching things though..

When Jamie smiled in his sleep in the Wedding episode, was it an easter egg for book readers or just a coincidence?

It was a conscious decision. :) He also spoke in his sleep but that was cut.. “Gasta”

How is it to kiss Sam almost on a daily basis on set?

Yes how is it Cait????

Was Wentworth really hard to film?

Intense and difficult but Tobias and Anna the director are fantastic. I’m excited for viewers

Are you guys still filming Outlander season2 in Scotland?

We are!

Do you mind keeping the long hair for Dragonfly In Amber during the break?

I don’t mind, it’s part of Jamie.

Worst equipment malfunction?

Graham had trouble with the blood-rig knife that cuts our wrists at the wedding, he got blood EVERYWHERE!

Which is your favourite Movie of ever?

Back to the Future.,, no, Aliens…. No, Starship Troopers… no, Godfather… argh!

How does she know that???? (That you sing in the shower?…)

We shower together.

What’s the most awkward part of shooting a sex scene?

The 16 other people in the room.

So, what’s in Jamie’s sporran on any given day?

Secret things….

How many munros have you bagged so far? Which one was your favorite to do?

In double figures. Aiming for another few in coming weeks!

Given the choice, would Jamie (or you, Sam ) time travel via standing stones or Doc’s DeLorean?? Thank you!

“Great Scot!!!!!!”

Have you met who will be playing Brianna & if so, what’s your first impression?

Still casting I think .. Who’d you like to see?

Do either of you want to try directing an episode if you had the chance?

That’d be a real challenge and a great idea

I want to know what was your favorite episode of this season Greetings from Colombia! =D

So hard but I really like second part of season, it gets harder, darker and more intense.

Will you miss the horseback riding?

Desperately miss Sleepy already.

What’s your favorite whisky?

Laphroig Quarter cask or Lagavulin 16. Yum.

You know you’ve inspired a new man-lingerie trend..I bet kilt sales are killing it

Jamie doesn’t wear lingerie or any underwear…

What’s your swear word or expression when you get mad about something?

Cait has quite an extensive vocabulary of sweaty words. #irish

After 1 yr of filming how do you feel you have changed as an actor?

I’ve learnt a lot about my skills but also the process and working in media generally. It’s exciting.x

How does one get to audition/write for the show in ssn 2?

Better ask @RonDMoore

I just want to say that I can’t wait 4 April for more outlander. Really sad.

You can always watch repeats on @STARZ_Channel while we finish post production

Thank you all for joining and I for Watch the final ep before the mid season break tomorrow! x

 ****** ~~~~~~~ ******

So just sat down in a train station to get ready to answer questions…!!! 8 mins to go….

How do you deal w/ bullies and people who bring you down?

It’s small people that put others down to make themselves feel better. Focus and what brings you happiness. It does ..

What was the most important lesson learned in shooting s1 you’d carry over to s2? :)

That it’s possible.!! That seeing the response makes any hard day worth it..!!

What was the first scene you shot?

First scene I shot was the field hospital in WW2. Epic beginning x

Favorite fashions? 1940’s or 1740’s?


Be honest; how uncomfortable/comfortable are the corsets?

Not too bad. I’m used to them now.

Favorite between scenes pastime


Guilty pleasures?

Real Housewives of NY and BH.

How in the world to you see these questions? there are 1000s of them

Not doing a very good job. But trying. Keep forgetting the hashtag. Whoops.

Think you could legitimately make it in the 1740’s?

Nope … For starters how would Sam live without his hair product ..??

Are the actors who play Rupert and Angus as funny off camera as they are on?

They are funny and very cool. Steven is also a talented musician too !!

Have you been to France ?

Yes I lived in Paris for two years and the French Alps for a season

Favorite city to visit in the US?

New York , New Orleans a close second. Anywhere New ;-)

How much will you miss each other during hiatus? Be honest… LOL

Well I’ll be enjoying the peace and quiet for a change..!! But yeah maybe a little.

Do you think you will miss anything from your pre-Outlander lives? How has it changed you?

So far it’s only been good things

What percentage of stunts do you do yourself?

As much as they will let me do. And then I have an amazing stunt double called Annabelle does the rest

Catwalk or Screen

Screen all the way ..!

Who in the cast would fill up a blooper real the fastest?

As we saw last night. That would be me..!!!!

Re your hair. Will you revert back to your pre-Outlander style and color during haitus?

Well will take a while for the perm to grow out but yes will be nice to have my own hair again. X

Does the break include vacay or is #outlander promo still on deck?

FIrst vacay, then see what they spring on us ;-) xx

Which scene from the book was your screen test with each other?

One was the scene where Jamie falls off the horse. And the 2nd was the “was it like you thought it would be ” Ep 7

What is your greatest joy in life right now?

Knowing that tomorrow I will be on a beach ..! X

Tobias plays your lover ánd your enemy. Do you prefer acting with the 20th or 18th century Randall?

The scene with black Jack are usually grey meaty scenes so love them from an acting standpoint. But the 40’s was just so romantic.

Worst weather conditions you had to shoot in? Which scene?

The Highlander cottage night. Freezing and wet and very muddy. Or scene with Horrocks – horizontal rain

What actor do you want to work with? or actress

So many but dreams… Cate Blanchett and Javier Bardem

I had heard you are leaving the show after the first season. Is that true?

Not unless they have secret plans to fire me :-((

Do you sing in the shower?

Sam always sings in the shower :-(((

What’s been the funniest thing to happen during filming?

Probably when I tried to sew Sam for real.

Did Cait fall asleep?

Bad wifi and can anyone tell me how to get into my drafts … Responses not going through :(

My internet connection has been terrible. I will answer some more I your questions when I get to somewhere where it’s better

sam cait source nikascottdottumblrdotcom

sam cait source nikascottdottumblrdotcom

Outlander Ep. 107 ‘The Wedding’


I don’t need to say that this post is FILLED with SPOILERS, do I?! 

Well it took me long enough to get this post together my bookworms!

Outlander 2014

I know I’m Outlander obsessed but I must admit I had to let go of this obsession for just a bit this week. You know, my Dude’s birthday one day and our 14th wedding anniversary the next, kind of pushed the TV out of our sphere. But I did get to see the episode and here I am to let you all know my thoughts about it.

Outlander 2014The episode was filmed in a non-linear structure, so we get the ending first, and through flashbacks we see the start and the middle. I actually loved it. The first thought that popped in my head watching it, was how nice it was to have Jamie’s point of view, even though it’s Jamie telling Claire of what he did to prepare for their wedding. I’m hoping now that they are together, we’ll be seeing more and more of that, and by the previews of the next episode, it looks like we’ll get to see even Frank’s point of view, and that REALLY makes me happy.

o107 (2)I’m not going to rehash this episode for you, for frankly, if you Google it, you’ll come up with hundreds of those and some are really very good and funny too. No, I’m just going to get on to the good stuff here and do my own “non-linear” review, ok?

Yes, this is the episode that we finally see two strangers get married and while we know and can tell that Jamie is in love with Claire [if you haven’t seen the show, you’re missing on Sam Heughan’s awesome facial expressions and lovelorn looks at the o107bwoman!], we know that she may be infatuated by him, but not really in love. She still pines for her Frank and despite this hastily put together wedding of convenience for all parties concerned [Dougal too!], she is having a hell of a time accepting the situation. Her guilt is eating her out, and watching Caitriona Balfe play that guilt is fascinating, to say the least! These are very complex characters in a very complex situation and throughout the episode I just focused on their faces as the story developed, and people, I have to say, sometimes words are not necessary at all. If you have actors of this caliber and know how to use them, holy crap, the end result is brilliant!

o107aWatching Claire’s struggle with her feelings for Frank and her growing attraction for Jamie, all in her face?! I can’t even put into words how sad it made me feel. I was heartbroken for her. All I wanted to do is give her a hug!


This episode was like a painting come to life. The lighting throughout was soft, hazy and then it just got a bit brighter as we unwrapped the bride, which followed with more mood lighting in the church and the bridal chamber. And speaking of the bridal chamber let me say this right up front. I have never, ever seen an erotic scene filmed in such a way that it made my heart stop and flutter. It was pure magic watching two people not have sex but make love. Thanks to Anne Kenney’s writing and Anna Foerster’s direction, not to mention Sam and Cait’sOUT_107-20140519-EM_1127.jpg acting, we were able to see and relate to what both of these characters went through on their first night as husband and wife. What starts off as an intimate, yet awkward consummation, by the end of the night turns into a passionate love-making for both.

Have you ever seen a ‘sex scene’ in which the woman gets to slowly walk around the man with her eyes lingering on his body while her hand trails ever so slowly, from his front collarbone to his firm buttocks? If you can name one, please do. I’m drawing a blank!


This was so well done that every moment of awkwardness of their first time, sweetness and wonder of his, sadness of her realization that despite loving another man she still enjoyed making love to this one, came across as real. And just when I thought they couldn’t top it off, they go on and let me watch a man enjoy his pleasures to the fullest, and color me happy for this whole year!


I honestly didn’t expect to see that. In the past, and once more I do ask you to correct me if I’m wrong, it’s usually all about the woman, going on about it ‘down there’ while you don’t even see the dude.

????????????????????????????None of that was done in this scene. There were hardly any shots of Claire, while we only saw Jamie reach his ‘happy place’ and it was glorious! Even poor Jamie thought his heart was going to burst. Seriously, how often have you seen a depiction of sex coming from the woman’s point of view [not counting romance novels]?  And also, how often have you seen a man’s first time so honestly and accurately portrayed?  It was downright refreshing to see the vulnerability and honesty of their sensuality. This was by far the most realistic ‘love ????????????????????????????making’ [note I don’t use ‘sex scenes’] scenes I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. The genuine affection between the actors, Sam and Cait, can’t be missed as they play out these scenes, and the chemistry between Jamie and Claire is electrifying and palpable in every single scene they’re in, but especially in the bridal chamber scenes. If you watch their faces you’ll notice that the camera captured their expressions so beautifully, that at times I felt like a voyeur of a very intimate, private and even sacred ritual.


Claire’s internal conflict is written on her face throughout the episode. Her face is crestfallen as she struggles to reconcile her feelings of guilt in betraying the man she loves, while being forced to marry a man for her safety, and to top it all off, now she is forced to consummate the marriage, and that just doesn’t sit well with her.

OUT_107-20140513-ND_0702.jpgNonetheless, she accepts her fate, albeit begrudgingly, and you can see all this with barely any dialogue. Everything she feels is in her demeanor; from the minute Jamie enters the bridal chamber, you can tell her cackles are up; as Jamie tells her the party downstairs will not disperse until they’re sure that thewedding01 ‘deed is done’, she responds tersely, saying that at least they’ll not be watching them, and to Jamie’s comeback with his ‘wee joke’ of “only Rupert and Angus”, she’s accusing him of being “regular Bob Hope”; his toast to her was sweet and thoughtful, while she paid no mind to it and just kept on drinking.

At one point you could see that she’s feeling sorry for him so she tries hard to get this 2014-09-23 22.55.13thing over with by reaching out to him, squeezing his hand and leaning in for their first kiss, and she chickens out even there. She decides to ask him about his family, wants to prolong the inevitable and he is patient and kindly entertains her with his stories. That puts her at 2014-09-23 22.55.19ease a bit and she admits that he’s charming, a born story teller. After hours of relaxed ‘getting to know you’ even she is aware that the time has come to go to bed, and not to just sleep.


As she ‘deflowers’ him, she feels guilty; as she realizes the extent and trouble he went through to make this a memorable day for both of them, she still feels Jamie-Claire-Outlander-Feet-1024x573guilty, but takes the initiative; as he makes her a gift of his mothers pearls, he declares that she’s as precious to him as they are, and this time she is resigned and you can see it in her facial expressions as she straddles him, kissing him and 2014-09-23 22.55.30both just watching each other’s faces as they slowly make love. And just like that, over the space of one night, she may not want to admit this to herself, but the audience knows it. This woman has just fallen in love.

As for Jamie! JHRC! Sam Heughan has taken to this role like duck to water. It’s obvious that he’s read the book and studied the character from DG’s description, yet watching him use all the little idiosyncrasies and nuances of JAMMF is fascinating! From his little twitching 2014-09-23 22.55.38fingers before the oath taking to the same after his awe of love-making, he’s got JAMMF by the balls and he’s not letting go, bless his heart!

All the past episodes were one long, sweet and seductive foreplay, as far as I’m concerned. We knew that Jamie was taken with Claire from the2014-09-23 22.55.41 first time he saw her. She was the woman for him, but his circumstances didn’t allow him to do anything about it. Yet now that she sort of ‘fell’ into his hands, he was going to do this thing right and by God, he was going to demand it of his uncle Dougal to help him out. He wants this done in a church, with a priest; he wants a ring made for her out of a special key he has in his sporran; and he Outlander-wedding-night-850x560wants her to have a special dress. And we just watch this kid with no responsibilities but to himself, who’s on the run, hiding in the stables, slowly becoming a man and taking the responsibility of a wife. And we watch him literally become one as he loses his virginity, and as much as it was awkward for us to watch it, it was much more for him as he’s trying to figure it all out and make sure that his wife was well pleased as he was. His facial expression of wonder and joy goes away quickly as he realizes that she may have hisofacenot liked it as much as he did.

After his wife assures him that she liked it, he still wasn’t so sure as he tries to touch her, feel her hair and she pulls away. But all is well again as they get to trust each other and his second time his wife takes over and teaches him what true pleasure really is. For him, their third coming together was as significant as hers. Giving her the o 107bscotch pearls that are so precious to him because it’s one thing he has from his mother, and telling her that she’s as precious to him, probably wasn’t an easy thing to do, and you could tell by his shy look at her.

He may as well have told her he loves her for crying out loud! As a matter a fact, throughout this night, he is the one that is more vulnerable than she is. And he is the one keeps on giving to her all that he has, his name, clan and his family. He offers his body for protection, which is his life, if o 107cnecessary. Unlike his wife, he holds nothing back. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Claire, and that’s what brakes her heart and her resolve to ‘only do her duty’.

She’s touched by Jamie remembering every moment, every second of their wedding, from the first time he saw her in her dress, comparing it to sun coming out after the cloudy day, sweet dreamsdown to their first kiss and their Blood Oath. And here we thought women are romantic! And here is one thing that I thought the show let me down, just a bit. It was all about the dress, as it should be, but boy they missed the opportunity to make this be about him as well. Here he is, in his full Highland regalia, looking all so handsome, splendid, and all eyes are on her. She looks sick, heartbroken and guilty. I hoped that she could for just one minute stop and appreciate Jamie-And-Claire-Outlander-1024x575this man in all his glory. My heart just went out to him! He continually goes out of his way to make her feel safe, and she in the end accepts everything he offers and gives as good as she gets. Well, that is until the morning after she accidentally finds her ‘other’ wedding band and holy crap but that face just broke my heart.

2014-09-23 22.56.00Oh before I forget, there was much more to the episode, but this is what impressed me the most, besides the dress, which was stunning, kudos to Terry Dresbach; music that was as sensual as was their love making, thanks to Bear McCreary; the direction, acting and lighting, brilliant, but then it always is and that is why this show just keeps drawing people in. It is unique in its honesty of telling a ‘good yarn’.


This Saturday we’ll be getting Ep. 108, ‘Both Sides Now’ and this will be a mid-season finale with returning eight episodes on April 4th, 2015.

Did you see the episode, the show? What are your thoughts? And how will we ever pass the time ‘till April next year?!

Anyone know of a support group for crazy fans such as I? Or do I need to start drinking, like NOW!

This is from the last 8 episodes coming April 4, 2015

This is from the last 8 episodes coming April 4, 2015

*PHOTO CREDIT STARZ; and some screencaps [you’ll know which those are!]

Outlander Ep. 106 ‘Garrison Commander’

106 gc

It’s Monday and I’m still trying to process this last episode.

Below are my thoughts about it and its characters. If you haven’t watched the episode, be aware that there are spoilers. As for all the rest of you that have seen it, I hope you stop by and give me your thoughts on it.

106 o

This episode starts and ends with hope. It starts where it ended last week, at the brook with Lt. Foster offering assistance to Claire, if she needs it and she tells him she is indeed a guest of MacKenzie’s but he insists for her to accompany him to Ft. William and meet his commanding officer, which she has no choice but do, Dougal in tow. She is actually happy about being among her people and is hopeful in soliciting their help in escorting her to Inverness.

106 oj

Well, after meeting some English officers and a few glasses of wine, our Claire gets a bit too comfy and just then, in walks Captain Randall. And from there on, I’m now sure everything will go south. But not Claire! She’s full of hope that one of these noble English officers will sympathize and offer her an escort. After all, these are her people. I loved watching her entertain all these men, but once she proved not to be just an ‘English Rose’ but a woman with a mind, all those men just ran for the hills and abandoned her to one of the best tête-à-tête sessions I’ve ever seen. This was her only hope to convince Captain Randall to help her get to Inverness and let me tell you, our girl tries very hard, but this man can read her like a book.

106 o flogging

He’s not buying any of it, and in the end tells her so. He is plainly playing her like a harpsichord [btw, wasn’t that the instrument playing as she’s dining with the those pompous asses?!], and even I can see her wheels churning as to how to reach this man that reminds her so much of her beloved Frank. Captain Randall wants her to corroborate the fact that MacKenzie is a Jacobite and she’s playing dumb, telling him she knows no such thing.

106 o f

At this point he tells her that if she doesn’t cooperate, he’ll employ other tactics to get at the truth [SHUT THE F* UP CLAIRE!]. I just knew she couldn’t let this one pass by! She tells him she’s heard of ‘his tactics’ before. They earned him quite the reputation at Castle Leoch. You could see that Black Jack was itching to talk about this particular case of inflicting pain and administering his own brand of justice to a young man who had already been flogged with 100 lashes just a few days ago. He deemed it appropriate to give him another 100 for having been found with bread in his possession.

106 o f1

And here is where we get to go into the mind of a monster. What a trip! Hell and damnation, but this is one sick SOB! The way he describes himself, his victim and the act of flogging is very disturbing. But to watch the said act as he is describing it is beyond anything I’ve ever read [excluding the Bible] or seen [excluding Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’]. The scene is brutal in its honesty. If this scene was visually and emotionally hard to watch, I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been on the actors in it. Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies were brilliant. Those scenes opened the eyes of the audience as to the strength of this young man, but most of all, we were let into a dark mind of a monster.

106 of


No normal, sane human would ever enjoy describing his actions as form of bonding and connecting to his victim by flaying him to the bone. No normal, sane human would refer to that heinous act as ‘bloody masterpiece’. However, an insane, sadistic man would and did.

106 c“I think all they could see was the horror. I could see the beauty. I saw the truth. That boy and I, we were creating a masterpiece, an exquisite, bloody masterpiece. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”  Black Jack Randall

Our Claire finally and irrevocably gets the picture, but still, deep within her heart tries to reach him by offering what little understanding she can. Both are trying to explain his darkness by using war as an excuse, but I’m not buying it! BULL! This guy relishes his darkness and he’s not willing to leave it.

106 c1

“I dwell in darkness, madam. Darkness is where I belong. I need none of your sympathy and you‘ll get none from me.” – Black Jack Randall

106 c2

Now let me back up a minute here. It’s noteworthy to mention that the scene between BJR and Claire took in the garrison’s dining room and only the two of them were there. It was actually exhilarating and amazing to watch the exchange.

Photo credit from: @spetzluv45 @JeSuisPrestNow

Photo credit from: @spetzluv45 @JeSuisPrestNow

To some, this episode may have been boring [once more I say to each their own] but to me, they were tension filled; riveting; painful; absorbing; revealing. And when I say revealing, I don’t only mean ‘character revealing’, I mean it also as showing me the caliber of both, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies, acting abilities. HOLY SHIT but they are brilliant. I couldn’t avert my eyes from Claire’s eyes. This woman’s quiet tears were falling unchecked to her bosom while staring at this man who is oh so casually talking about flogging a man almost unto death. You can see that she is in pain as much as loathing, wishes with all her might to somehow reach deep inside this man, and try to fix him. Well, that is until he sucker punches her! All bets are off now! Kudos to Caitriona Balfe for once more showing us how strong she is in this role.



This might have been Tobias Menzies’ finest hour, but he needed someone like her to bring this all out, and boy she held her own! The same could be said for Sam Heughan. Tobias Menzies needed him as well to pull this scene off. In the end, all three did an outstanding job and this show continues to bring it’s A game, as I give props to the writers, directors, show runner, producers, costumes, music [OMG this was great too], and finally those hard-working makeup artists that had me squirm as I watched Jamie’s back.

Outlander 2014

The end of this episode came quickly as usual and I whooped as Dougal once again saves the day by whisking Claire out of the garrison, with BJR telling him he’s not done with her and to bring her back for further questioning on the morrow. Dougal may have saved her but he still doesn’t trust her and while they stop by this creek, he once more asks claire, while she’s drinking the sulfurous water from the creek, is she an English or french spy [all the while hiding his dirk behind his back] and at this Claire is pissed as hell for having to repeat it over and over that she’s just plain Claire Beecham. Lo and behold, he says he believes her and the reason for it?!



The magic spring! Yeah! If she was lying, she’d be dead by now from water eating her gizzard out! So now that he trusts her not to be a spy, he finally wants to protect her by making her a Scot. And the only way to do that, is for her to be married to one. No, not him but we now know it will be Jamie she’ll be marrying if he’s willing, which HELLO! He sure is and I’m loving this ending and I can finally exhale!

What did you think about this episode? Did you buy into BJR’s excuse? Were you able to watch the flogging? What did you think of Cait’s performance in this episode? And Sam’s? And Tobias’s?

 “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?” – Claire

“No,” Jamie says, “So long as it doesn’t bother you that I am.”  – Jamie Fraser

Here is preview for next week’s episode “The Wedding”

#Ask Outlander with @TobiasMenzies!


Ron’s podcast said it was your idea to wipe Jenny’s face with your finger – is visiting your dark side fun?

Yes, I’m afraid all that kinda kinki-ness tends to be my idea….ho hum

Will you also be playing BJR’s brother Alex in the next season?

Be fun! but I would have to do scenes with myself….? what could possibly go wrong

Are you a bit jealous – not being able to wear a kilt?

Are you kidding! The kilt is a ridiculous item of clothing……get dressed!

Who is your favorite singer/band?

Can’t stop listen to Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn

Who is your favorite tennis player?

Now Djokovic

106 o1

Wich one do you like to play best,Frank or BJR??

Really enjoying them both, the variety is fun

How did you find the humanity in Black Jack? Does he even have any!?

Definitely, its not interesting if he doesn’t, don’t you think?

Favorite outfit, 40’s or 18th century? You look fab in both!

Both great, @draiochta14 is a genius, but have to go red coat

Has Outlander afforded you with more opportunities in films?

Have had a chance to test that water yet, been too busy filming the show, but i hope so. would you go see my film?

We know some really..umm..dark stuff are on the way. How was it like filming those scenes?

We’ve been shooting the wentworth stuff these past few weeks. yeah, its dark, what can I say

Yes or no to Marmite?


Will you also be playing BJR’s brother Alex in the next season?

Be fun! but I would have to do scenes with myself….? what could possibly go wrong

Outlander 2014

So, have you ever had to switch from Frank to BJR in the same day of shooting?

Not yet, but I feel sure there’s gonna be a day….

Was acting your first love?

No, I wanted to be a tennis player, I was brought up on McEnroe, Borg, total rock stars

Justice or mercy?

Wow, we’re getting philosophical……mercy

Coffee or tea? And how do you take it?

Coffee, milk and a dash of sugar

Has Outlander afforded you with more opportunities in films?

Have had a chance to test that water yet, been too busy filming the show, but i hope so. would you go see my film?

Do you have an itch to direct any future episodes? Is this an option?

I would love to actually, always had a desire to direct at some point….what this space

@Writer_DG has said she is BJR. What about you-more in common with BJR or Frank?

I love that Diana says this, its great, who could blame her, he’s kinda the best


How does it feel to be not so liked as a character? Does it effect your real life?

Oh I think you like me a little bit right?!

What do you do to unwind?

Tennis, love my tennis

Who is the most studious on set?

Hmmm, good question….it you’re not sure its probably you

Have a whip do you have handcuffs too?

That would be telling

Is this your most challenging role yet? If not, what was?

This is certainly up there, but I played Hamlet in the theatre, that was a little challenging too

Do you improvise a lot on set? Love your work…and striped socks

No, no real impro, we work on the script a lot and try and stick to it, its quite a precise form of drama


Do you prefer cats or dogs?

In my old age I have become a dog person

Any tv shows you’re currently watching?

First season House of Cards enjoyed a lot

Did you also do screen tests with @caitrionambalfe? How did they go? Instant chemistry or slow and sweet?

No I didn’t do any chemistry stuff, they kept me separate, probably wise

Does BJR know how evil he is?

I think so, but he draws the boundaries in a different place to most people, but he’s immoral not amoral

Do you have any Welsh ancestry because you sure look like my brother

Betsy Ramsey’s bro pic

Betsy Ramsey’s bro pic

Not as far as I’m aware…but that is uncanny!

How do you step out of the mind of a dark, difficult character at the end of a work day?

Who says I do?

If you could meet anyone, living/dead, who? What 1 question would you ask?

It would have to be, What’s it like to play two characters?

 Can I be honest? My head is so fried by typing like a madman for 30 mins I can’t remember what we said `ahhhhh #AskOutlander

Hey thank you everyone for your questions! great to hang out with you a little….enjoy the show on saturday, sweet dreams.

[all photo credit STARZ]

Outlander Ep. 105 ‘Rent’

105 o111

Do I need to tell you that there will be SPOILERS? If you’ve not watched the episode, you may not want to read this post.

NOTE: From this point on I’ll not be recapping [there are so many sites that are doing it, and some are really good while others attempt to be funny and come across silly, but to each his own. We are all entitled to our point of view, and let me tell you, there are many] the episode but will let you in on my thoughts about it. You’re welcome to join in the conversation and put your two cents in.

On the road again ... Photo credit STARZ

On the road again …
Photo credit STARZ

Okay, I really need to get a life … As of now I’m all over the road with Outlander series. Seriously, I watch it every day … sometimes twice a day. I need an intervention. I’m not joking people…Inhale, exhale …

2014-09-01 21.35.07

Let’s start with what this episode did for me. I watched Claire get an eyeful of Scotland, and while she got to drink in all the vistas, I was left thirsting for it. I honestly can’t pick my favorite episode so far, but this one tugged at my heartstrings from the first frame!

This whole episode was an ode to the beauty of Scotland and its past. I salivated over scenes upon scenes of amazing scenery and gut wrenching conflicted emotions of Claire, Jamie and Dougal. I surprisingly didn’t cry at the most dramatic scene in which Dougal rips Jamie’s shirt the first time. I cried at the scene in which 2014-09-07 20.44.01Claire shyly joins the women to help them waulking wool. My heart went out to this young woman who is trying so hard to stay strong. Here more than in any episode she feels as an outlander. In the end the strain of being excluded from the men, she takes a stroll around the village in search of companionship, coming upon some women and you can see the happiness on her face as she joins them. She does everything they do trying to belong and blend in. I give Caitriona Balfe props for embracing this role. She plays the role to perfection. So many people are commenting on her delivery of that famous line “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ” that I thought I’ll give you my two cents on it. I think that JHRC can be said in so many different ways …it can sound as a prayer, as a curse word, without passion and only as a sigh, softly spoken in awe …and on and on. When I read the books, in my mind and “my own English accent” I say it slower, with an exasperated sigh … but honestly, there really isn’t a right or a wrong way to say it.

Photo credit STARZ

Photo credit STARZ

But I digress … Let me get back to this episode and Jamie next. Have you all noticed the intensity with which Sam Heughan embodies this role in every single episode? I honestly think he’s ‘taken on’ the role so well that he’s playing him with an instinct of who Jamie is to him, rather than the direction. Remember what he said? This is his Jamie too. Ron Moore is damn lucky to have found Sam Heughan and snapped him. I’m gob smacked that GoT people missed on this young man’s talent! It has to be the serendipity, right?!

105 o2a

LOL! I digress yet again! With each episode we get a new insight into Jamie and who he really is and I’m applauding Ron Moore for not rushing his character in becoming ‘King of Men’ within two episodes. It would have felt rushed and uncharacteristic of Jamie, not to mention inauthentic to the books.

105 o6I loved watching his conflicted emotions and walking that tight rope between what he wants and feels is the right thing to do, and what his duty is, which sometimes is not one and the same. Jamie at this point in the story is still an outlaw [he made himself scarce when they came upon the watch, remember?]; he’s still under the protection of the MacKenzie and on this trip at the mercy of Dougal, an uncle that despite of his love for him, wouldn’t bat an eye to kill him, if he decided not to go with his plan to aid his cause; the English Captain Randall who is

Photo credit STARZ

Photo credit STARZ

dogging him and wants him alive so he can continue his torture of him before he kills him; his growing attraction to a woman that he doesn’t understand but still wants to protect in as much as he’s capable at this time [giving her advice to not judge them so harshly] but conform to the place she is in now. At this point, he’s no kin to her, therefore he has no right to her and taking her side in any argument or situation she finds herself in [he soothes Angus’s feathers after Claire calls them all thieves by calmly telling Angus the food she refused to eat, would only leave them with more] would cast suspicion on him.

2014-09-07 19.25.26Jamie has absolutely nothing right now. No home, no land and really, no real family. The only thing he can do is endure. He gave his word that he will be obedient and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Every scene in which finds Claire in danger or on the ‘outs’ with either the clansmen or the English, Jamie is always watching out for her, but using his brains rather than the brawn. It is exactly what the books describe him to be. He tried to give Claire his best advice tonight. For crying out loud, she called them all thieves! For these passionate, burly and devoted men, that was a huge insult and Angus, who by the way is as hot-headed as she is, did the only thing a hurt man would do, he pulled a2014-09-07 23.00.45 knife on her and told her off. She was quick to judge and Jamie pointed out, and rightfully so, to stop getting her nose into things she clearly does not understand. I do understand her frustration, but man! She doesn’t know when to shut the hell up! But then that’s our Clare! We wouldn’t have her any other way!

2014-09-07 20.53.21Now let me talk about these men a bit more. I was participating in a discussion yesterday in which a commenter [and I can honestly say we all are entitled to our opinions, after all we are watching the show with our on POV, so there will be many interpretations and takes on how we perceive what is transpiring in front of us] is very disappointed with this episode and the way the men came off in it. She sees them as gentlemen and feels that they were rude and crude to Claire, and that they were portrayed in the books much favorably. Personally, I am staying away from the books while I watch this series and more on that later, but let me tell you what I see when I look at these men.

2014-09-03 20.09.39

These men are hard-core warriors first and foremost. They are rebels with a cause they will do anything to achieve and protect. Period. They are stuck with a woman they do not trust and believe her an enemy but have a need of her skills so they will use her for it and if in the process they can find out more about her motives as to why she’s in the Highlands all alone, the better.

2014-09-03 20.14.13

Dougal would not hesitate in cutting her throat, if she proves to be a spy and he even said so himself [to her face when they were leaving the cottage and he was helping her on the horse] in the first episode. A gentleman may think it, but would never say it out loud. Their hostility towards her was always prominent. Colum telling her she’s to stay as a ‘guest’ but meaning a prisoner; Dougal having not one, but two men following her every step, and telling her straight out he believes her a spy; even Jamie knows for sure that she is hiding something, although he admits to her that he doesn’t think her a spy.

2014-09-07 19.17.37

They may appear to have accepted her in the earlier episodes but they haven’t by a long shot. Even the old lawyer Ned is sticking close to her and reporting to Dougal every word she utters. Dougal most of all does not trust her and feels that no matter his obvious lust for her, he wouldn’t think twice in killing her. Yet we see them come to her2014-09-07 20.37.55 defense when other people besmirch her name! This is in no way a contradiction to me. It is the first step in accepting her and possibly giving her a chance. The second round of this ‘manly acceptance’ came when she cracked a joke and all were laughing about it. By the way, my crush continues on Murtagh. LOVE this guy. No matter what, he has only one goal: Keep Jamie safe. Have you seen that look on his face as Dougal rips Jamie’s shirt and he leaps without hesitation?! If Jamie hadn’t stopped him, what do you think would have happened?!

2014-09-07 20.37.24

This episode also opened Claire’s eyes to Dougal’s cause. He is a Jacobite and he will do anything to raise money and put Charles Stuart on the English throne. Knowing what she does about the rising of 1745 and the faith that awaits the clans and Highlanders, she can’t figure out if and how to warn them, yet still stay alive. She tries to tell Ned that it is a fact, and that the history will not record another Stuart on the throne, but it will record the slaughter of the clans.

2014-09-07 20.59.10

“History be damned!” Ned says and you can see that she is heartbroken that in only couple of years these men that are loyal, passionate and true to their King and blue and white flag, will probably all die. I loved the history lesson in this episode and that got me 2014-09-07 21.28.06to thinking about the politics of today and the soon to be decided Independence Vote in Scotland. There 2014-09-07 21.29.03are a lot of rumors circulating about the reasons behind UK not picking up the series and one of the reasons was that this show may influence more people to vote YES. I’m not buying that. first, the politics in the book have nothing to do with politics now. Jacobite rebellions [there were more than one?] is about ‘restoration’ of a King and is not about Independence. This is all about rights and money. I have no doubt it will be picked up soon.

2014-09-07 21.16.29

Let me address the book vs. show.

2014-09-01 21.35.22

I can’t stress enough to all the passionate and dedicated book lovers out there. You have to learn to let go of the books for just a bit. They will be there for you always. The show for me is riveting and interesting enough that I’m not even noticing anything else. To me, it’s like reading new material. I love the Voiceover a lot and my hubby even commented that if Claire hadn’t told him what was in that pipe she gave Ned, how would he have known it?

2014-09-07 20.49.56

My thinking is that the book is one thing and the show another. Both have my favorite couple and I can enjoy both separately, without expectations of one not doing the justice to the other. Not gonna lie, it isn’t easy to do but once you do it, I promise that you’ll enjoy the show much more. To put a better perspective on this, just imagine 25 million people out there that have read the books and now are watching and waiting for “their” special scene to come, and it never appears. Now imagine how hard it is for the production to pick and choose what gets in and what doesn’t. I for one couldn’t do the job they are doing so I’m placing my trust into Ron’s hands. From what I saw so far, he is yet to disappoint me.

2014-09-07 21.01.15

These so-called ‘slow’ episodes are crucial for character development of not just Jamie but everyone else. This may be one woman’s journey and perspective but when all is said and done, this is without a doubt an ensemble SHOW. We should treat it and try to understand it and the motives behind it, as such. I urge people to have more patience. When Roger didn’t show up in that first episode,  a lot of people were all over that episode and everybody kept saying how disappointed they were. I’m 100% sure that we will see him in her flashback. Ron has to use that scene to introduce the character because of his future importance. We need to put ourselves into the story and characters and watch them develop at their own pace not ours. I do sympathize though with you and understand where you’re coming from but patience my friends, and some understanding would serve us best.

Photo credit STARZ

Photo credit STARZ

I can’t finish this post without mentioning the music. It continues to mesmerize and add deeper meaning to each scene and I’m really looking forward to the CD or iTunes of it. Bear McCreary is a genius! Check out his blog. He goes in depth about the music he creates for each episode of Outlander. My poor hubby will have to suffer through many hours of listening on our road trips!

Photo Credit STARZ

Photo Credit STARZ

As for the hour, it went by too quickly! We have only three episodes left before the show goes on a short hiatus and I may need serious therapy after watching episode 16. I remember finishing the book around 4 am in the morning and calling in sick, because I was sick. For days I couldn’t get the images out of my mind and cried like a baby!

Oh, and talk about endings, this episode left me gasping for air …


 “Tell me madam; are you here by your own choice?”



So what are your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Jamie is under used? Is the show too slow for you? Tell us what you liked the best, worst and anything in between … I am ready for this much talked about Episode 106, are you?

Did you know that you can download Ron Moore’s podcast for Episode 105 / RENT for free on  iTunes or listen to it here.

#AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@grahammctavish

askOutlander gmact.jpg-large

 · 20h

Find out what it’s like to portray Dougal MacKenzie tomorrow during a live chat with .

Apologies!!!!I am now ON. got delayed with a table read on my next project. But I’m here now. Will do my best to answer as much as I can!

What Are you wearing rgt now ;-)

My costume for The Finest Hours…

What’s the best thing about the Scots?

Their humour and their compassion

Best distilleries to tour on Islay?

Take your time, do them all…

Who do you believe would win a fight to the death? Dwalin or Dougal?

They’d never fight



How do you get a horse to go to the toilet??

Build a big one….

Who did you meet FIRST on the set of @Outlander_Starz (on the first day)


Unicorn or dragon?

Unicorn, the national animal of Scotland….

How do you feel about independence?

I am voting YES

Favorite period for historical study (since you mentioned you enjoy history)?

17th is a fave

Can you describe Dougal in three words for me?

Complicated, intriguing, passionate



Is The Beard high maintenance?!?!

The beard is patient and kind…

isn’t it weird that u have the same surname Jamie’s?!?

A happy coincidence…

Do you think Diana caught the Scottish sense of humor in her writings?

She needed no help there, very funny…

Where’s the first place to go when in Scotland?

I love Skye and Mull

When filming how accurate is your wardrobe? What’s under the kilt?

A cool breeze

Do you eat haggis?



Black pudding or white pudding?

Stornoway Black…

Favourite book by Jane Austen? *I know you have read Jane Austen

Emma, and P&P

when your’e not filming or working do you live in the states or in Europe?

a suitcase..

Where is Outlander filmed?

Gods own country, Scotland…

What is it like to work with the horses?

They don’t talk over you.

he shinty game in Ep 104 was crazy! How long did it take to film?

A whole day.

important question: what is your favorite brand of whiskey? Need a suggestion.

Too many…

What’s your favorite character from literature?

Becky Sharp, Vanity Fair….great stuff

Do you wish to return to the stage at some point? Any role u want to do?

Yes, One day….

Where was your cover photo taken? I feel I recognize it

Mount Cook, NZ


After 4 episodes, my secret crush on Dougal isn’t so secret any more. Thanks!

I won’t tell…

Do you prefer pants or your kilt?

Nothing feels like a kilt….

Who was your role model as a kid?

My Father

How long does it take to shoot one full episode?

Between 22-27 days for every 2 eps.

What role was your first paid performance?

Paris in Romeo and Juliet….Long the ago…

How is it like to shoot in your homeland?

A joy, and a privilege!

Is there anything you’d like to take home from the sets?

My weapons…

Did you already know how to ride? Do u have a favorite horse to ride?

I’ve ridden before, yes

Was there anything about filming Outlander that surprised you?

Horses go to the toilet A LOT

What do you like to do in your free time…hobbies/sports?

reading, history, cycling, drawing


Who is the prankster in the cast?

Stephen has been known to…

Who is the funniest person on set? :)

LaCroix makes ME laugh!

What’s your favorite place to visit in the world? *And hello!

I loved India…

Which cast member has the saltiest language?

that might be….me…

Who or what inspired you to start acting?

I got into it through writing my own material

Did Claire crack your skull with a foam chair?

Foam!! No, it was a breakaway chair.

Who is your “CONSTANT” amongst the cast/crew

Whoever makes the coffee….

Is there a special school for eyebrow acting?

It’s a very select group…

Which of Dougal’s many facets is your fave to portray?

I’m interested in vulnerability…

What’s the “real life” name of the beautiful horse you ride in Outlander?


Have you kept the beard since you finished Outlander?

You betcha!

Flavored or non flavored lattes?

Never flavored!!!

Did you ad lib any of your lines?

Some popped up…

Does Dougal respect or fear Claire?

He admires her, is intrigued by her….

What is your favorite memory from shooting the show?

xo”The people

What is your next project before Season 2?

The Finest hours for Disney

If you weren’t an actor what profession would you choose?

Was going to be a pilot, like my Dad

How difficult is it to film in the rain/mud?

Harder for Cait, wearing only a shift!

Do you have any idea why Dougal would kill Jamie if Dougal is so fond of him?

He is complex…


Favorite swear word?

I like to combine them….

What is Dougal’s favorite thing about @grahammctavish?

We have matching beards…

Do you believe Dougal is an honorable man?

Yes, sometimes…

Do you miss you wearing kilt?

How do you know I’m not wearing it now…

Do you think having a beard makes you an Alpha Male?

I think it keeps me warm in the winter.

I sadly have to get back to work. It’s been great, as always. Thanks for the questions…Tulach Ard!!