Happy Valentine’s Day from b2b & Jon Paul Ferrara!


Today, b2b is in seventh heaven because Jon Paul had agreed to stop by and share his new cover art and a bit of himself with us.

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*To enlarge, click on the image. You’ll love it more enlarged 😉

When it comes to romance book illustrations, this man is on fire! He is the best, and if you’re lucky to have one of your books illustrated by him, you know what I’m talking about. His illustrations are not just mesmerizing but can tell the story that’s within the pages of the books he’s doing the cover art for. Seriously, I could go on and on about how much I love his illustrations, but I won’t because they speak for themselves.

Ever wonder where the starting point is when it comes to illustrations? Check these out!

Behind the Scenes. Photo reference to the left, art to the right.




The blue dress illustration… which piece do you like better on a cover The full art on the right or the cropped version on the left?


Entertainment Weekly Magazine approached me last year to do an illustration for the inside of their magazine. It was in the Oct 24th issue and it is an eight page article about how big the Romance Industry is. My art was a double page spread. Models: John DeSalvo and Colleen


This is my version on the right. Before and After…”Woman photoshopped to fit the definition of beauty in 25 countries.”

Five Questions With Jon Paul Ferrara

Melanie: Jon, as you know, today a lot of fans of EL James’ ’50 Shades of Gray’ will be taking their significant others to the opening of the movie, so my first question is: Tell us your favorite book to movie/series?

Jon Paul Ferrara: Without question The Thorn Birds 😉

Melanie: Oh, that’s a good one! I loved the series, but never read the book.

My next question is in regards to book illustrations. What’s your favorite book illustration that is not done by you?

Jon Paul Ferrara: ‘The Midnight Fury’ by Susan Ellen Gross. I was only twenty-one when I saw the illustration of it which was done by Pino Daeni. I fell in love with the art when I saw it in person at Pino’s studio before I got in the industry. I have a copy of the book next to me when I work. It symbolize the inspiration of what made me want to be a romance illustrator in the first place.

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Melanie: This one looks familiar! I have a very similar illustration you sent me with you in it. It is my favorite!

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Jon Paul Ferrara: It’s Paul McCartney and his version with the Beatles “And I Love Her”

Melanie: What are you favorite song lyrics?

Jon Paul Ferrara: Buddy Holly’s ‘True Love Ways’


Melanie: Gotta a favorite poet, or two?

Jon Paul Ferrara: I’m a romantic at heart Melanie, you know that! I love reading Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Keats. And how about we put your readers on the spot too, and see if they’ll answer at least 3 out of the 5 you just asked me? Anyone wants one of my signed illustrations can jump right in 😉


Melanie: Dude, thanks so-so-so much for stopping by today and sharing this Valentin’s Day with us.


If I were commissioned to do your portrait, which piece do you see yourself in? I’m curious to see what your choice would be 😉


To learn more about Jon Paul, please visit his website or FB page and in the meantime check this fan made You Tube video. I loved it!