Book Review

‘A Moment of Passion’ by Jess Michaels

amop jmSTORY: A lady in the ballroom a lover in the bedroom.

When Lady Jacinda unwraps a scandalous birthday gift, she s sure the anonymous giver is playing a cruel joke. The Ladies Book of Pleasures may be responsible for one gossiped-about marriage, but for a lady ruined by a rogue and shunned by society, Jacinda is doomed to a lonely, loveless future.

Worse, as she pages through the volume of passionate promises, she is observed by the wicked and dangerous Duke of Carnthorn and now he is stalking her as a possible willing victim of his shocking preferences.

Jason, Earl of Northfield, is having none of it. Jacinda, keeper of his most painful secret, is a friend he will not abandon to a wolf like Carnthorn. As they embark on a pretend courtship for her own protection, of course their proper decorum in public melts into wicked passion in the bedroom.

But even as real feelings begin to develop between them, Carnthorn is watching. He is not convinced. And he is determined to possess Jacinda, no matter whom he has to destroy

Warning: This book contains friends turning to lovers, a highly erotic secret affair and a wicked villain who will destroy what he cannot have.”

REVIEW: The author’s name sounded so familiar, I thought I had read Jess Michaels before, but I hadn’t. Turns out I purchased a book I never read and marked a few “want to read.”

After this one, I definitely plan to read those others soon. I enjoyed the writing style, and the sex scenes were hot. There was so much I didn’t/shouldn’t like about the book, and yet I was so engrossed I finished in one day.

Both Jacinda and Jason, Earl of Northfield, had horrible, abusive, and selfish fathers. Maybe this commonality is why they have been friends for 15 years despite the gender difference making it unlikely, but they each responded differently.

Jacinda lacked self-confidence and became week. She was basically raped (view spoiler) and did not stand up for herself. She just hides herself away for seven years. She has always secretly loved Jason; and in more recent years, lusted after him. However, she knows she was never good enough for him, even before the Incident; and she continues to feel unworthy.

Jason is handsome, wealthy, and titled. He is self assured and becomes a playboy, moving from one mistress to the next. He swears to never get married so that the line may end with him. The perfect revenge on his dead father! (I absolutely hate that trope and cannot believe I enjoyed this book so much in spite of it.) He decides to “help” his friend by pretending to court her and give her secret sex lessons in private just in case she can’t land a husband and wants to become a mistress. Really it’s just an excuse for him to use her as his temporarily, but these scenes were some of the best parts of the book.

Of course, everything wraps up predictably as it should in spite of much denial along the way. I would recommend if you are looking for a historical erotic romance.

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