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‘Her Wicked Earl’ by Lisa Torquay

hwe ltSTORY: An Orphaned Miss Who Would Not Settle for Less

Otilia Kendall is an orphaned miss brought up by her uncle and aunt, the late Earl and Countess of Thornton. Never having met her father, she learned the hard way that love, or marriage aren’t in her future. Tired of receiving demeaning propositions from the ton gents, she is decided to make her own way in the world. But then the domineering—and handsome as the devil—new Earl takes over. He puts a dowry to her and carts her to London to marry her off. She wants none of it but has no choice. In close contact with the man, it is becoming impossible not to make a fool of herself—yet again!

An Arrogant Lord Who Could Not Stay Away from Her

Edmund, the hot-blooded new Earl, is stunned by the poise of the very grown up debutante he once met. Weary of women interested only in his title, he shuns any idea of love. It is getting hard to ignore the little miss–together with some other hard parts of his anatomy. The temptation of her is eating at him, and making him crave the woman to distraction. Their simmering passion is about to burst. And to the blazes with propriety.

And Love Struggling to Unite Them

REVIEW: I was very happy to receive an advance review copy. I read the entire novella within 24 hours, but I just now have time to write the review. It is now available for purchase since the 28th.

Lisa Torquay is a very compelling writer. I had the hardest time putting the book down to go to bed the first night. I felt emotionally connected to the characters and wanted to know what happened next.

Edmund, the hero, and the new Earl of Thornton, was arrogant, selfish, and emotionally foolish. He was the kind of guy who only thought of himself and his desires. Everyone else was meant to be used when and how it benefited him. In spite of all this, he was attractive and magnetic to women, especially Otilia. He was handsome, smart in ways of business, and very self-assured. I prefer a hero to have good character traits and to deep down care about other people. Fortunately, this was erotic romantic fiction; so he woke up and eventually fought for his happily ever after. I just couldn’t really like him. He didn’t redeem himself soon enough of fully enough for my taste. However, if you like an overbearing and cocky hero who likes to use his heroine for varied and hot sex, this is the book for you.

Otilia Kendall was a mostly smart, kind, and hard-working lady. I liked her and appreciated her thoughts and plans. She respected herself. Then, when Edmund came back into her life, much of this broke down. He was her weakness over and over again. For him, she made foolish choices and lost much of her self-value. She did pick herself up, and I respected her for that. She would not let herself be run over and used for the rest of her life.

I enjoyed all three books I read by Lisa Torquay and will definitely read more. In spite of not loving either of the leading characters, I still rate the book 4 stars. I enjoyed reading it, and it stood out to me as the best of three books I was reading at the same time. It was engaging, and I could feel the pain and heartbreak within the story.

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