Book Review

‘The Lass Initiated the Laird’ by Lisa Torquay

tlitl ltSTORY: He’s Wanted Her for Seven Years

Samuel McDougal never could take Harriet out of his mind since the first day he met her as a freshman at Oxford. But with too red hair and too big spectacles, he surely has no chance. He must forget her and move on; though he’s not been with a woman before.

And She’s Just a Governess

Harriet always knew of Samuel’s infatuation with her, expecting he’d grow out of it. For some time though, she’s been stirred by his tall and lean person. More than stirred in fact. Albeit he’s the heir to a powerful Scottish clan, due to a lofty match. As a humble widow, she can only dream of him.

But Ranks Don’t Count When Desire Simmers.

*Erotic novella

REVIEW: This is my first book by Lisa Torquay. She generously provided me a free advance copy in exchange for a fair review.

The writing style is definitely unique. At times, I re-read sentences and even paragraphs because I was confused about the point of view. It switches more frequently than most books. There is also the occasional adjective or adverb that felt out of place, almost like a thesaurus was used to avoid overusing one word.

However, the story more than made up for the odd structure. I don’t usually prefer novellas. It seems a full backstory cannot be relayed without feeling rushed or leave plenty of questions. This short book felt like a full length novel. I ended up with no questions and felt I understood both characters–theirs pasts, relationship, and future.

Harriet is a beautiful blonde whose husband died and left her a penniless widow at the age of 24. To support herself, she found a position as a governess for Professor Haley’s children. The book begins seven years into her position as an older woman of 31.

Samuel Bryce McDougal became a student of the professor at the age of 18, during the same year Harriet began working as the governess. He is the son of a wealthy and powerful Laird in Scotland and had to convince his father to allow him to go to Oxford. He has red hair and fair freckled skin and does not believe himself to be physically attractive. However, he is intelligent and a man of character who chooses to remain a virgin up through his age of 25 when the narrative begins.

With the two of them working together,while the professor and family are away, their mutual attraction leads to increased intimacies and a variety of erotic scenes. There is a bit of teacher / student play in one scene. However, overall, they discover different ways to sexually please each other through exploration and not experience as Harriet had only been with her husband and never experienced an orgasm.

If older woman/younger man or virgin heroes appeal to you, I definitely would recommend this story. It is short but satisfying. I definitely plan to read more by the author. I would like to go back and read the love story about Sam’s father and step-mother.

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