Book Review

‘Slipper’ by Hester Velmans

s hvSTORY: Her life is the inspiration for the world’s most famous story.

Lucinda, a penniless English orphan, is abused and exploited as a cinder-sweep by her aristocratic relatives. On receiving her sole inheritance—a pair of glass-beaded slippers—she runs away to France in pursuit of an officer on whom she has a big crush. She joins the baggage train of Louis XIV’s army, survives a terrible massacre, and eventually finds her way to Paris. There she befriends the man who will some day write the world’s most famous fairy tale, Charles Perrault, and tells him her life story.

There is more: a witch hunt, the sorry truth about daydreams, and some truly astonishing revelations, such as the historical facts behind the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, and a perfectly reasonable explanation for the compulsion some young women have to kiss frogs.

This is not the fairy tale you remember.

REVIEW: How many reimagining’s of Cinderella have you read thus far? Personally, I’ve read a few and some were possibly even better than the original. This one falls somewhere in between.

I liked  plenty in this story, but there were things that bothered me as well. I really enjoyed the telling of the tale. It mixed the real world with the fiction of the fairy tale just right. However, the male population in this tale left me cold.

Lucinda was someone that went through a lot of angst, yet her character was a survivor and I liked that.

If you’re a hard core fairy tale fan, this might not be for you. However, if you’re willing to embrace the unique retelling of them, I think you’ll find this particular retelling of Cinderella interesting.

Melanie for b2b

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