Book Review

‘A Duke in the Night’ by Kelly Bowen

aditn kbSTORY: Duke. Scoundrel. Titan of business. August Faulkner is a man of many talents, not the least of which is enticing women into his bedchamber. He’s known—and reviled—for buying and selling companies, accumulating scads of money, and breaking hearts. It’s a reputation he wears like a badge of honor, and one he intends to keep.

Clara Hayward, the headmistress of the Haverhall School for Young Ladies, on the other hand, is above reproach. Yet when she’s reunited with August, all she can think of is the way she felt in his arms as they danced a scandalous waltz ten long years ago. Even though her head knows that he is only back in her life to take over her family’s business, her heart can’t help but open to the very duke who could destroy it for good.

REVIEW:  A Duke in the Night is the first story in Kelly Bowen’s brand new The Devils of Dover series and I really liked it a lot. I did a combo of reading an ARC and listening to it. Both I enjoyed immensely. This story revolved around two very complex characters that had brought a lot of baggage into the relationship. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming watching August and Clara work through each others preconceived notions of one another.

To read a story involving strong and smart characters with plenty of flaws, is refreshing and checks that box of “relatable” every time.

I must praise the prose as well in this story. It’s another thing that contributed to my enjoyment of it.

The wide copse of trees and brush in front of August had become a portrait of gilded foliage as the sun began its descent, a low fence running just to the north creating shadows the color of dark amethyst across the tall grasses. The sky was now awash in brilliant, almost blinding color, dotted with crimson-and-topaz-lined clouds.

For all of you out there that have never read this author, I’d urge you to do so and you may as well grab this one to start.

For the fans of this author, I would say it’s worth getting the Audible because the narration of Ashford McNab is spot on.

Melanie for b2b

*Gift ARC provided by the publisher

*Personal Audible copy


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