Book Review

‘A Dance in Moonlight’ by Sherry Thomas

adim stSTORY: After losing her childhood sweetheart to another woman, Isabelle Englewood is heartsick.

But then something remarkable happens: Upon arriving at Doyle’s Grange, her new home, she meets Ralston Fitzwilliam, who looks almost exactly like the man she cannot have.

Come late at night, she tells him, so I can make love to you pretending that you are the one I love.

Little does she realize what she is about to unleash.

*This novella was previously featured in the anthology “Midnight Scandals”.

REVIEW: As part of Fitzhugh series (Beguiling the Beauty, Ravishing the Heiress and Tempting the Bride) I believe that you’re better off reading the series in order because you’ll enjoy this story which comes in between the second and third book, much more.

Despite its shortness, I found it well written and fun to read. The chemistry between the main characters was palpable and I really enjoyed their story.

If you’re in-between and can’t find that perfect story, I suggest you give this series a try. I highly recommend it.

Melanie for b2b

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