Book Review

‘The Duke’s Double’ by Anita Mills

tdd amSTORY: How do you rebuild your life when your one true love is the one who ruins it?

Joanna Sherwood, the Countess of Carew, has always been wildly in love with Adrian Delacourt, the darkly handsome and devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury. When they wed, it was her dream come true—a dream that quickly turned to a nightmare as her husband accused her of infidelity and sullied her good name in Regency society. It was only a desperate flight to Italy with her husband’s best friend at her side and his promise to rescue her through a new marriage that saved her sanity.

Years later, after being left a widow, Joanna returns to the only other home she has ever known in England, only to find that nothing has changed. Her name and reputation are burdened by scandal, while her heart is burdened with the passion of an impossible love for her ex. Will her redemption be her saving grace, or her undoing?

REVIEW: This is a new author for me and I think I’d like to read/listen to more of her stories and get to know her writing voice. This story is only the start to my knowing her.

The trope of second chance at love has been done before and will be done again, but for the divorced couple who’ve heart each other so deeply, I thought it unique. As I listened to both sides of the story and point of views, I had to keep in mind that at the time of their separation, these were very young people, Jo was barely eighteen and Dri all of twenty-four. Their marriage was just starting when his mother decided to interfere, manipulate and destroy their love.

There’s a lot I liked about the story, from the characters to the plot and pace. I really enjoyed the interaction between the children, their Governess and all the secondary players.

I also liked the narration of Rosalind Ashford.

I think this is a perfect story to get introduced to a new author and I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the series.

Melanie for b2b

*My review of this story is based on the audio


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