Book Review

‘Caroline’ by Cynthia Wright

c swSTORY: A honey-haired hellion…

A mere girl, he had found her unconscious in the Connecticut woods. She could recall nothing — not even her name. Alec was an infamous charmer with a rake’s habits and a rogue’s heart, yet his desire rose to her wanton innocence as to no woman before.

A passion to make heaven blush…

His stormy lust and her daring spirit bound them together in a furious battle for freedom and release…a battle that could only fire a love more furious, more abandoned, more enduring than the wild, stolen glories of youth and freedom itself.

A wild, ecstatic saga as bold as the young land that spawned it!

REVIEW: Where do I begin with this review? There are so many things I didn’t like and then there’s one that I did.

So let me tell you what I did like. I liked the setting because the author did an amazing job of researching and writing about the Revolutionary War and the aftermaths of it. She put a lot of attention to historical detail and that just brought the period to life for me.

But that’s about it. I really didn’t like the hero and the heroine even less. Once I disliked them, I basically gave up on their part of the story and read it for the history alone.

I would skip this one if I were you.

Melanie for b2b


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