Book Review

‘Wallflower Most Wanted’ by Manda Collins

wmw mcSTORY: The Picture of Romance

A dedicated painter, Miss Sophia Hastings is far more concerned with finding the right slant of light than in finding Mr. Right. But when an overhead conversation hints at danger for another local artist, Sophia is determined to get involved. Even if it means accepting help from an impossibly good-looking vicar who insists on joining her investigation—and threatens to capture her heart…

Reverend Lord Benedick Lisle knows that Sophia is no damsel in distress. But he won’t allow her to venture into peril alone, either. . .especially since he finds Sophia’s curious, free-spirited nature so alluring. But protecting her from harm is becoming more difficult than the vicar could have expected as he and Sophia confront their fiery mutual passion. Who could have known that the art of love would prove so irresistible?

REVIEW: This is the third story in Studies in Scandal series but you don’t really have to read the previous two books in order to understand who’s who in this series, The author does a good job in reminding us of that.

From the start this series had a good premise, that of four independent, scholarly women who are left Beauchamp House exactly because they are bluestockings and experts in their individual fields, and would be perfect in deciphering Lady Celeste Beauchamp’s reasons for leaving them this bequest.

Out of the three so far, I liked this one more than the others and that’s probably because of the faster pace and interesting, likable and fun characters, especially Sophia and Benedick. I liked the way they were with each other and their inner as well outer dialogue always brought smile to my face.

Once more we’re dealing with a bit of a mystery plot and while it may have been a predictable one, it still was entertaining reading about it.

If you’ve already invested time in reading the previous two books, I highly recommend you read this one too. If you’ve never read this author before, this just could be the book to win you over. It’s light hearted, entertaining and fast paced, with plenty of romance and a mystery to make it more interesting.

Melanie for b2b

Gift copy provided by the publisher


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