Book Review

‘How to Find a Duke in Ten Days’ Anthology

htfaditd gb sg cjSTORY: For centuries, the volumes of a priceless Renaissance manuscript, The Duke’s Book of Knowledge, have been the subject of legend and rumor.

Three members of London’s Bibliomania Club have promised a beloved professor they’ll find the manuscripts before the professor retires. They are determined to vindicate his faith in the Duke’s existence while rescuing a great literary work from obscurity.

The problem? The book must be found in ten days. Matters of the heart intrude as each book hunter realizes that locating an ancient manuscript might just lead to happiness ever after.

REVIEW: I really, really love these three authors, so reading this book was a no brainer. I knew that the stories would be well written and plotted, as well as fun.

All three stories offer smart and strong characters, plenty of humor and sweet and sensual romance.

If you’ve never read any of these authors, please consider getting this book to sample them. I know that you’ll find each of them are talented story tellers who are more than able to tell unique and wonderful stories of love and romance.

Melanie for b2b

Gift copy provided by the publisher


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