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The #Droughtlander ends with a BANG!


The #Droughtlander ended with a literal BANG!
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you haven’t seen the episode, STOP reading NOW *

This episode gave all of us book fiends so much to fawn over, sigh and cry, as well as rejoice (BJR is no more). Major plot points and scenes from the book were well represented and done, as well as some added content (such as dragonfly in amber lost on the battlefield).

I loved the way that the battle was shown to us from Jamie’s POV. It was heartbreaking to watch our hero lingering between life and death, only to be spared death and sent home. That last scene with him with a barely visible smile asking his sister if he was dead, only to find out that he’s not. His smile disappears when he finds out that he’s back home. The pain of the knowledge that he’s alive is in his face and we all feel it. Sam Heughan is just amazing in this role. He GETS IT. He gets the character and the emotions he’s going through. I so hope that Emmy voters get to see his performance and award him that statue.

Much has been said about the “duel” between Jamie and BJR, from “Is he really dead?” to “Why is Jamie hugging him?!” For me, this sort of justified a long time held belief that in the end, BJR saved Jamie’s life on the battlefield. See, in the books, Jamie at first doesn’t remember the battle nor how BJR ended on top of him. Later on we are given the hints that Murtagh possible cut him down before he could kill Jamie. My theory was that BJR actually came between Jamie and whoever was about to kill him. I really hoped that DG would finally elaborate on that in her last book. Well, that won’t happen now, so in the end I was happy with what RDM did. Both man knew they were dying, and exhausted as they were, with blood in their eyes, they slowly gave up and fell down, proving my theory, somewhat as BJR’s body staved off the blood letting on Jamie’s thigh. I’ll take that!

I’ll take another gift that RDM has offered book fans and that is hope that Murtagh had somehow survived the battle. I know, I know! Many of you are saying that just wouldn’t be alright and it would mess with a lot that is to come, BUT! Just let me run this by you. First, if RDM wanted to kill this character, he would have made it a big deal of his death. He would have given us something to cry over and he did not. He deliberately left it vague. And that gives me hope that come 4th season, we’ll have a huge surprise and half the fandom will rejoice while the other half will fume. Guess you know which half I’ll belong to 😉

Scenes with Clare and Frank are just as heartbreaking. These two have accepted the situation they find each other in and are doing their best to abide by the strictures imposed to them by their own self. Frank loves this woman unconditionally (if we don’t count the condition that she forgets the Highlander who fathered her child), and will do anything to make her forget the past two tears spent away from him. He is committed to this relationship and is willing to accept her as she is and raise the child, she created with another man, as his own. Gotta give him credit for that. Claire on the other hand is trying, but her heart isn’t in it and she knows it. She is filled with a lot of conflicting emotions and trying very hard to stifle her natural instincts. She knows deep down that she’ll never forget the love of her life. It’s living with suppressed memories that she must reconcile and giving birth to this child gives her hope that she just might manage it somehow. Stellar performances from both Cait and Tobias and I hope those Emmy biddies see it and award these two for their hard work.

All in all, great start to the new season.

Melanie for b2b


1 thought on “The #Droughtlander ends with a BANG!”

  1. I agree with everything you wrote here. The scenes in the cottage were lifted right from Diana’s pages, with the exception of Rupert’s scenes, of course (since in the books he didn’t lose an eye in the church, he died). Because of the way Rupert’s end was seamlessly adjusted, I see no reason why Murtagh’s thread can’t be changed as well. For one thing, who’s left who can tell Jamie what happened to him if he is dead? I can think of more than one role he can fill easily. I’m sure that however RDM handles him, by return or death, it will be up to the standards already set by this adaptation.

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