Book Review

‘A Penny’s Worth’ by Nancy DeRosa

apw-ndrSTORY: Penny always knew she had been short changed right from the start.

Her mother decided from an early age that Penny would never amount to much. Already in her late thirties, lonely and unhappy, Penny looks set to fulfil her mother’s prophecy. She wants to change her life but lacks the confidence to do so. She longs for friends and a life that doesn’t consist of wiping runny noses and walking her dog with a neighbor she dislikes. Even taking her dog to a new park nearly results in disaster.

But then she takes control… one small step triggers a series of changes, and she begins to experience the life she has longed for. Despite her fears, she boldly switches jobs. She accepts the position of nurse on the oncology floor at a nearby hospital. Her interactions with the staff and patients allow Penny to progress toward the person she desires to be. Most importantly she stops listening to anyone who tells her she can’t do it, because Penny is worth so much more than that.

A Penny’s Worth is a fun, fast-moving, wise-cracking tale of self worth. A witty and highly rewarding read.

REVIEW: Have you ever read a story that left you drained, yet somehow still satisfied? If you haven’t, then I recommend this story. It was very relatable to me and I found the Penny to be inspiring and courageous.

It’s a story of hope as one finally realizes that life is passing you by and how one can grab the reigns of destiny. It’s sprinkled with lighthearted humor so the story isn’t dragging you down.

I hope you’ll give it a try.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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