Book Review

‘A Drop of Ink’ by Megan Chance

adoi-mcSTORY: Penniless and disgraced, Adelaide Wentworth is feeling rather desperate. With nothing left to lose, she and her sister, Louisa, flee to Lake Geneva with Adelaide’s lover, the infamous poet Julian Estes. There, Louisa hopes to persuade Bayard Sonnier—celebrated writer and her former lover—to advance Julian’s career. He is their last hope for salvation.

At the Villa Diodati—the place that inspired the writing of Frankenstein sixty years earlier—Louisa plots to rekindle her affair with Bayard, while Adelaide hopes to restore her fading love for Julian by being the muse he needs.

But soon, secrets are revealed, passions ignited, and hidden talents discovered. Adelaide begins to imagine a different life. Confused, she turns to Giovanni Calina—Bayard’s assistant and a man with his own secrets and deep resentments—and the two form a dangerous alliance. No one leaves unscathed in this richly imagined, emotionally nuanced tale of passion, ambition, inspiration, and redemption.

REVIEW: I’ve never read this author before but I really got intrigued by the book blurb, so I thought to try it and was so glad I did.

This was not one of those cookie cutter romances that I love and am used to, yet it was a story that delivered on so many fronts. It was a story that went into deeper and more complex telling of so many of our human emotions, from love to madness and back to love again. I loved the imperfections of the characters and their humanity was on full display.

I hope you give Megan Chance  a chance, pun intended, and get this well written and complex story.

“A fatal muse. A man who’d betrayed his wife and child because he told himself he was building a more perfect world, a man who believed art should obey few limits, and that love should obey none.”

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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