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‘The Highlander’s Bride’ by Amanda Forester

thb-afSTORY: After years of fighting in France, Sir Gavin Patrick longs for his Scottish home and for an easier life off the battlefield. However, laden with a shipment of orphans, a massive treasure to transport, and Lady Marie Colette—a sharp-tongued French heiress—Gavin realizes that the real battle is only beginning. Colette expects a painless trip as Gavin transports her to her Highland fiancé, but their relationship takes an unexpected turn…

Forced to pose as a married couple in order to sneak out of France, Gavin and Colette fight against their developing, forbidden attraction…all the while yearning to fulfill their pent-up desire.

REVIEW: This is the first story in Highland Trouble series and I found it very easy to read. The characters were well written, plot a bit simplistic and romance sweet and tender.

But what this author does best is bring Highland history to life and that’s been the draw for me. She weaves historical facts and fiction seamlessly and forces the reader to live alongside the people of the world she creates.

If you’ve ever wondered about Hundred Years War, and the sides that fought it, you’ll learn about it in this story. You’ll also get to know our hero, who was one of those Alpha males that were true to their calling and his devotion to it was admirable. I thoroughly enjoyed his dilemma and was chuckling all through the story.

It took me a bit longer to warm up to the heroine, but as the story developed, so was her true nature and by the end of the story I liked her and whole heartedly approved of her character.

Whether you’re into men in kilts or not, I promise that you’ll love this story.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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