Book Review

‘Six Degrees of Scandal’ by Caroline Linden

sdos-clSTORY: Olivia Townsend is in trouble and out of options. Pursued by a desperate man in search of a lost treasure, which she doesn’t have, she’s got only two things in her favor: her late husband’s diary, which she was never meant to see … and the man who was her first-and-only-love. Losing him broke her heart, though she’s been careful to hide it for the last ten years. But when he comes to her aid and vows to stand by her this time, no matter what, she can’t help but hope things will be different this time.

James Weston has blamed himself for letting Olivia down when she needed him years ago, and he will not do it again. Fortunately, his unusual life has equipped him well to outsmart the villain chasing Olivia. Unfortunately, being so near her again threatens to expose every secret in his heart…even those that should stay hidden forever.

REVIEW: Sussex – 1806

Olivia Herbert is the older daughter of Sir Alfred Weston of Kellan Hall. She is sitting in church one day with her parents and younger sister, Daphne, when James Weston winks at her. Caught giggling at him, her mother later scolds her severely. She does not think the Weston family is good enough for her daughter even though they recently purchased nearby Haversack House, a fine home. So when Mrs. Weston calls upon Mrs. Herbert, it is decided that Olivia will be allowed to visit Haversack and James’s sisters.

As the years pass and James leaves for Cambridge to attend school, Olivia spends more time at Haversack where she joins the Weston girls in their lessons, due partly to the dwindling funds of the Herbert family. In addition, Mr Weston has become a very wealthy man.

When James returns home, a grown man, he tells Olivia he has always loved her. After a moment of passion, he promises to marry her. But he leaves the next day saying he will return soon. As his time away lengthens, her parents make her marry Mr. Townsend. When James hears of her marriage, he is distraught and they say goodbye to each other.

Gravesend, Kent – 1822

Now a widow for two years, Olivia is still trying to figure out who her husband had truly been. A secretive man, upon his death she found herself with no money. However, she has a book that was given to her by mistake from her late husband’s solicitors. From what she learns, it shows that he was into something illegal.

James (Jamie) finds Olivia and realizes that she is staying in a small cottage which is all she can afford. It appears that a man named Viscount Simon Clary has wrecked havoc with others and thinks Olivia is trying to hide something that he wants and thinks he is owed.

Soon, Olivia and Jamie join forces to find out what Clary is after. When they realize what the man wants, they are amazed…but not as amazed as they are at their long awaited long for each other.

Here’s my pet peeve. When a book is part of a series and the reader has not read the previous books in the series, there needs to be some type of synopsis about the other books. Better yet, I would like to see authors write each book so that it could be read as a stand-alone. I find it very frustrating to read a book and feel constantly lost. I want to drop the book and forget it. The big reason I don’t is because I like the author and keeping hoping for the best. OK. Rant over.

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