Book Review

‘My True Love’ by Karen Ranney

mtl-krSTORY: Anne Sinclair has been haunted by visions of a handsome black-haired warrior all her life. His face invades her dreams and fills her nights with passionate longing. So the beautiful laird’s daughter leaves her remote Scottish castle, telling no one, to search for the man called Stephen–a man she does not know but who fights in war-torn England, a place she has never seen.

Stephen Harrington, Earl of Langlinais, never expected to rescue this unexplained beauty from the hands of his enemy. And yet, when their eyes first meet, he feels from the depths of his soul that he should know her…that he needs to touch her, and keep her by his side forever. For unknown to both of them, they are in the center of a centuries-old love…a love that is about to surpass their wildest dreams.

REVIEW: After I finished My Beloved, I found out that there was a second book written in the series, which meant I just had to have it and read it.

This is a sort of a sequel to My Beloved, and I found it well told in plot as well as in prose. The time and the setting of this story takes place a few centuries after My Beloved, yet there are threads that I was happy to unravel and truths to discover as this story progressed.

This story was also beautifully written, carefully plotted and executed. I especially liked the hero and the heroine. Both were very strong characters and their romance developed at an even pace.

If you’ve read the first book, you’ll have to get this one as well. I highly recommend it!

Melanie for b2b


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