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‘Ex-Spinster by Christmas’ by Cheryl Bolen

esbc-cbSTORY: Ever pragmatic, Lady Caroline Ponsby has given up hope she’ll ever receive a proposal of marriage from Christopher Perry, the wealthy man she’s adored for almost two years. She is determined to be an ex-spinster by Christmas. To that end, she has invited a prospective suitor to spend Christmas with her family. She knows very well that Lord Brockton would love to get his hands on her dowry, and she’d love to be a married woman with a home and family of her own.

The very idea of his Lady Caroline throwing herself away on the likes of the vile Lord Brockton rankles Christopher Perry. A pity he cannot offer for her himself, but a duke’s daughter is too far above his touch, given his family’s humble origins. Nevertheless, Christopher attends the Duke of Aldridge’s Christmas house party with the intention of thwarting Lady Caroline’s grave misalliance with Brockton. If only he’s not too late . . .

REVIEW: Lady Caroline (Caro) Ponsby, daughter of the Duke of Aldridge, has loved Christopher Perry for a long time now but finally realizes that they are just not meant to be. Since Caro came out 4 years ago, 11 men have asked her to marry them, but she turned them down because they simply are not Christopher. Therefore, she has invited Lord Brockton to her home, Glemont Hall, for Christmas. The man would love to have her generous dowry and she realizes she would at least be a married woman and no longer a spinster.

Christopher is also be attending the party in hopes of keeping Caro from marrying Brockton. He loves Caro but feels he is not high enough socially to be acceptable for her. When he discovers that the pompous and greedy Brockton is bragging about marrying Caro and gaining access to her dowry, Christopher is furious and determined to make her his.

Caro agrees to marry Lord Brockton which crushes Christopher. How can he get her to change her mind and realize that their love is meant to be?

This is a sweet romance with several twists that will keep the reader’s interest. I enjoyed this story and am a big fan of the author. I look forward to reading more from her.

Complimentary copy provided by the author

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