Book Review

‘The Governess Was Wild’ by Julia Kelly

tgww-jkSTORY: When Lady Margaret Rawson is caught trying to elope with the thoroughly unsuitable James Lawrence, Lord and Lady Rawson decide it’s time to send their daughter away from the temptations of London. The job of delivering the headstrong girl to the family’s isolated Yorkshire estate naturally falls to her governess, Jane Ephram.

It should be an easy task, but with the wild Lady Margaret, nothing ever goes according to plan. To make matters worse, Lord Rawson has made it clear that if anything happens to his daughter along the way, Jane will be dismissed without a letter of reference. When Jane finds Lady Margaret’s inn room empty and the charming Lord Nicholas Hollings’s horse missing one morning, she must embark on an adventure of her own with the devilishly handsome baron.

Will Jane and Nicholas find Lady Margaret, the scheming Mr. Lawrence, and the missing horse, or will they discover something else entirely?

REVIEW: 1860

Jane Ephram awakes in an inn to find that Lady Margaret, daughter if the Earl of Rawson, is gone. Jane is Margaret’s governess and is angry that Lady Margaret has managed to escape from her and her maid, Elspeth. Lady Margaret recently became engaged to Mr. James Lawrence, a man with no title or future. Her parents refused to accept him as a husband for their daughter and they have forbidden her to have anything to do with him. When her parents find letters from the man, they have her packed up and sent to Yorkshire and far away from London and Mr. Lawrence. Now, Jane finds that Margaret has fled and also stolen a man’s horse to make her escape.

When Jane explains the situation to the owner of the horse, she is surprised to find that it is a large and valuable horse. However, Margaret is a good horsewoman so no harm should come to either of them. The man introduces himself as Baron Sir Nicholas Hollings. Margaret is desperate to find Margaret as her father has threatened to fire her without a reference should something happen to Margaret. So, when Jane asks Nicholas if she can accompany him to find Margaret and his horse, he agrees and she finds herself riding which is not something she does well.

Along the way, Jane and Nicholas share stories about their lives and the spark of love starts to grow between them.

This was a fairly clever but predictable romance novel. I enjoyed the other two books in the series, “The Governess was Wicked” and “The Governess was Wanton” however, this third novel just didn’t have the same “punch.”

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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